Your Best Guide To Using Emoji’s The Right Way

These days it is almost impossible to go a whole day without seeing an emoji. Emoji’s have certainly become a part of our communication and seem to continue to evolve and become a part of our vocabulary for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, it only makes sense that we should do our part in getting to understand how to use the emoji’s better because it will make our lives easier and better yet prevent us from making mistakes that could very easily have been avoided. A lot of the mistakes that we make when we are using emoji’s are not intentional but can be easily avoided and can prevent us from having to get embarrassed or having to explain ourselves unnecessarily. For example, when you send an emoji from an Android phone to an iPhone, sometimes the emoji’s do not get the proper translation and can sometimes be different. For example, a dancing girl emoji sent from an Android phone appears as a playboy bunny. This can be misconstrued to have a different meaning that you may not have anticipated. With this in mind, and for several other reasons that you shall find below, it only makes sense that you should be careful when it comes to using emoji’s. Below are some of the considerations that you should keep in mind.

First as mentioned above, you should be careful when you use emoji’s across different phone operating systems. This is especially the case when the app that you use to send the message is going to be different from one phone to the other simply because the emoji’s meaning can easily be lost in translation as has been illustrated in the example above. More importantly however, it is quite important to understand how to use the emoji’s in the right way. That way, even if you send the emoji from one different app to another, you are likely to remain consistent because the context of the emoji will be a lot more difficult to confuse. The right syntax in most cases is to use the emoji at the end of a sentence. A good way to think about using emoji’s is in the same manner that you use an exclamation mark.  Therefore, once you use your words to express a certain emotion or feeling, you could cap it all up with an animated emoji to emphasize or to inject some energy into what you say.

Another way to avoid the confusion of emoji’s is to make sure that you use standard emoji’s that cut across all platforms. If you use these codes you will find that your emoji’s will rarely be taken out of context. If you use Facebook quite a lot, then you should definitely also learn to use the Facebook smiley codes because they can make your life a lot easier.

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