Wound Care Types And Utility Of Micropore Surgical Tape


Wounds whether small or big need treatment on an immediate basis. They must not be left untreated else may lead to bigger health concerns later on. Open wounds not closed timely can cause infection and other pressing problems to the body. Adhesive tapes are a popular medical tool for wound closure as they are ideal for frequent dressing changes.These tape are made of different materials and available in a variety of widths and styles to serve the cause of wounds on anywhere on the skin. In fact, they should be an essential item in the first-aid box at home and hospitals.
Here are wound care types and utility of tapes –

  • There are three types of wound closure namely, primary closure, secondary closure and delayed primary closure
  • Among the three types, the primary one is like healing by primary intention and it’s also the fastest kind of closure
  • Wounds healed by primacy closure are able to cut back the risk of infection due to having a small clean defect
  • This type of wound closure is fit for small cutaneous wounds, paper cuts and minor surgical incisions
  • The secondary wound closure is fit for cases where the wound edges are not approximated and it needs more time and energy than the primary one
  • Delayed primary closure combines the virtues of primary and secondary types both and are used to reduce the risk of infection
  • In delayed primary closure, the wound is surgically close but not before cleaning and waiting for no infection to be visible
  • Micropore surgical tape is used extensively in wound closure and ensures quick healing due to its helpful features
  • It’s a latex-free and hypoallergenic tape that is fit for any skin type whether thin or sensitive
  • It is fit for frequent dressing changes as it does not leave behind much of residue and thus causes neither pain nor irritation to the body
  • The tape is created in a manner to help a great deal in wound closure and reduce any chances of irritation to the skin
  • Such tapes tend to be porous for breathability so that wounds can continue to get a flow of air around them and heal in a quick manner
  • It stops wound sites from suffocating else the pace of healing may suffer a great deal
  • Such tapes are available in white or tan and help for both home and hospital settings in a perfect manner
  • They are used by healthcare specialists for securing wound bandages requiring frequent changes for quick healing purpose
  • The tape is easy to use and apply, and thus, fit for uses at home by even those not having a great deal of knowledge
  • Such tapes tend to be lightweight and breathable so that healing can take place in a quick manner
  • High-quality tapes serve as an excellent adhesive for bandaging wounds and also for fixing wound dressings on a regular basis
  • The task of frequent bandaging changes is a lot easier and pain-free now since the amount of residue left over is minimal

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