Wooden Vs Thermofoil Cabinets: A Comparison to Help You Pick the Better One

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Are you planning to renovate your kitchen in the upcoming month? Yes? Then, you have landed at the right blog. Because in this blog, I’m going to help you deck up your kitchen in the best possible way and that too within a “tight budget”. Well usually, to renovate a kitchen, what most of the people do is that they splurge a lot of money on coloring their walls, changing their light fixtures, appliances and etc. But, why would you spend so much money when there’s one simple and pocket-friendly way to revamp your kitchen. Thinking, what’s that way? Well, all you need to do is replace your existing cabinets. Trust me, replacing the cabinets will surely make your kitchen look stunning.
Now, the obvious question that must have popped in your head is- “Which cabinet to choose?” Well, when you visit a cabinet store in your city, you’ll surely come across a wide variety of them. However, if you want me to name the two most “trending” cabinets then I would say, it has to be wooden and thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets.
Complete Comparison of Wooden and Thermofoil Cabinets
Wondering, which one is better? Then, you must give this blog a good read as here, I’ve compared these two types of kitchen cabinets so that, it becomes easier for you to choose any one.

  • Which One is more expensive?

Are you looking for cabinets that will not make a “gigantic” hole in your pocket? Well then, wooden ones would be the right choice. Why? It’s because they are reasonable when compared to the thermofoil ones. All the kitchen designers have placed thermofoil cabinets under the category of “expensive cabinets”. So, until and unless you are ready to splurge a lot, don’t opt for the thermofoil ones.

  • Which One Is Prone to Heat Damage?

The kitchen is perhaps one of those rooms in a house that is extremely hot and humid, obviously because, you cook there. Hence, when purchasing a set of cabinets for this nook, make sure you choose the one that is made of a heat-resistant material. And in this case, wooden cabinets win because they are not prone to heat damage. But, the ones made of thermofoil may peel or blister because of excessive heat.
Hence, in this case, I would obviously ask you to choose the wooden ones.

  • Which One is Easy to Maintain?

Since these cabinets will be placed in your kitchen, hence, you must always try to purchase something that is easy to maintain. Wondering, which amongst these two cabinets are easy-to-maintain? Well, I would say that maintaining both these types of cabinets is not a “neck-cracking” task at all. To clean thermofoil cabinets, all you need to do is dampen a cloth and clean the surface. And, in case of wooden ones, you can spray a diluted solution of vinegar and water, and then, clean it with a dry cloth. Aren’t both these methods easy? So, in this case, it’s basically a draw between both these cabinets.

  • Which One is more attractive?

Now, this is a very tricky question. Cabinets made of both these materials are attractive enough. But, according to me and many other homeowners, wooden cabinets are any day more appealing because of their earthy feel and attractive, grainy patterns.
So, this was the comparison of both these variants of cabinets. And, according to the comparison, wooden cabinets have more qualities than the thermofoil ones. Hence, if you want to purchase cabinets for your kitchen, opt for the wooden ones. For more information on kitchen renovations and White Shaker Cabinets, keep reading my blogs.

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