Why One Should Plan a Trip to Goa in Monsoon?


If you unfurl your inner peacock at the site of rain, then you must visit Goa in the monsoon so as to see how the little drops from the sky enlighten the spot and make it inconceivably immaculate and heavenly. The entire Goa seems to be revelling in a lavish green tropical vibe and everything feels crisp, wet and clean. Although, we know that Goa hosts some amazing parties in December, but it is the monsoon during which the state does a reversal to adorn the Susegad image, that it is genuinely known for. So, if you have been looking for motivations to visit Goa this monsoon, look no further.
Here are some influencing factors that can literally make any non-beachy person too, to pack up their bags and rush to witness the drenched, less crowded and the authentic vibe of Goa.
1.  Dudhsagar Falls at their Best
The Dudhsagar Falls, is the most frequented tourist site, and you mustn’t miss visiting it especially during the rains when the waters are in full force. The smooth white waters, from which these notorious falls determine their name, come falling down from a monstrous stature of 987 feet. Encompassed by thick green foliage, this is one of Goa’s most shocking natural wonders. Trekking is a prominent activity at the Dudhsagar Falls. There are two deserted safe houses for the advantage of trekkers on the way. Ensure you carry enough drinking water and energy drink along, since none is accessible along the way. Catch the Dudhsagar Falls at their cascading best during the monsoon.
2. As Cheap as it Can Get
 No, we aren’t talking about any lewd or cheap factors here, but the travel cost. Yes, Goa, during monsoon can get pretty amorous to your pocket, and you can grab on some super lows, be it the flights, luxurious lodgings, or even the beach activities. Why miss out on trains. It is a superb idea to travel by train during monsoon, and brush past the Dudhsagar Falls. A Kolhapur to Goa train, must be already a cheap affair, so if you wish to go for a delightful journey, then “train” yourself!
3. Monsoon Festivals Galore
The most prominent of Goa’s celebrations is Sao Joao where young men dive into water bodies to grab the gifts that the villagers have tossed for them. Sangodd is yet another celebration celebrated in the monsoon where fishermen offer their regards to their holy deity, St Peter. Merriments proceed with Touxeachem Feast and the Bonderam flag celebration. Come September, and the state welcomes the elephant-headed god Ganesha, as a part of the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities.
4. Solace
 Goa is frequently pressed with voyagers, however, not during the monsoon season. Hit the shoreline or unwind in a bistro with a lager as you’ll discover peace and tranquility surrounding you this time. Being off season, the crowd is less and not its isn’t raining people wherever you go. Indeed, even north Goa which is known for its parties looks changed in the monsoon. Worth encountering.

5. Wildlife
 Unlike the other wildlife havens across India, sanctuaries in Goa are open throughout the entire year. These havens are a flat out must-visit amid the monsoon when they are washed clean by the downpours.

Although, a beach lover wouldn’t need any influencing write-ups or places to visit inHYPERLINK “https://www.ixigo.com/places-to-visit-see-in-goa-lp-1140521” Goa, but if you, despite being a Goa patron, had no idea about this drenched side of the state, then buddy, pack your bags, and set out, now!

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