Why Daughters are closer to Dads?

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“Daddy’s little girl”- a phrase used for almost every daughter in this world, isn’t it? It is often observed that daughters are closer to their fathers than their mothers. Numerous reasons can be held responsible for it. And though every day is a Daughters’ Day for fathers, the officially declared Daughters’ Day is when fathers think of doing something more impossible than buying the moon for their darling daughters!

Mothers tend to be more practical regarding the upbringing of their daughters, because they know the struggles involved in being a girl to whom no fingers are ever pointed. Fathers, however, find their daughters to be lovable and delicate- a trait found by every man in a lady. Their rough and tough souls hardened by the struggles of life seem to find solace in their daughter’s presence. Daughters are their fathers’ little princesses, who light up their lives. A daughter will never find any wrong in her daddy dearest, and this is what fathers love. No matter what the world thinks a man to be, he will always be that “hero” in his daughter’s life. A man often finds his mother within his little daughter- who ask him when is he coming back home after work, did he eat his lunch on time, and other such concerns which mothers show. Thus, every father celebrates Daughters’ Day with great pomp, buying the best Gifts for Daughter. And owing to excellent online services available nowadays, fathers can easily find the most adorable Daughters Day Gifts Onlinetoo! 
Thus, when daughters find themselves so treasured by their fathers, they tend to be closer to them. The love, respect and care which she receives from a father, who is the first man in her life, fixes her yardstick for measuring the qualities in her future life partner. If her father pulls her chair for her at the table, she’ll expect her husband to do the same for her. Daughters find love, care and shelter in their fathers’ laps, and would continue doing so even when they’re married and start dwelling in their in-laws house. Knowing that there is someone who’ll be there as a constant support without any complaint, daughters tend to face the big bad world with more confidence. It is also found that, the stronger is the father-daughter bonding, the healthier and happier is the life of the daughter.
Thus, girls are the closest to their dads, and undoubtedly are the most treasured gems in their dads’ life. Since times immemorial almost every girl has been more loved and pampered by her father than her mother, and the phrase “Daddy’s little girl” will never lose its sheen for all generations to come!

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