Hepcinat Tablets 400mg

What To Know About Hepcinat Tablets 400 mg?


The medical world transformation and identified usage of medicines has totally changed the challenges that come up during a disease overcome process. Similar went with the upcoming cases of hepatitis C.

Hepcinat drugs have been a total boon in conquering the disease and fighting even the most troubled problems of the disease. Just being regular with the dosage of this drug, one can easily conquer this epidemic disease. But, before one goes on with the dosage of the drug, one should definitely know about it.

Following are the major things to know about the drug intake:-

  1. The tablet is used in combination with several other medicines such as- ribavirin, daclatasvir and peginterferon for the treatment of the most chronic form of hepatitis C.
  2. There are a few side effects of the disease intake such as- diarrhoea, itching, nausea, rapid breathing, drowsiness, etc.
  3. It should always be taken under the medical supervision only. Intake of this medicine without the right consultation with the doctor may lead to difficult circumstances.
  4. There could also be certain side effects due to allergy symptoms. This is why it is very important to consult a doctor before starting the medication to avoid any kind of allergy problems in the patient.
  5. Also, in case of any already existing disease or pregnancy conditions, the dosage of Hepcinat tablets 400 mg must be done only as per medical prescription.

Following certain practises and prescribed notes, the drug works wonders on this disease and helps in inhibiting the further growth of the HCV virus. The prescribed dosage for the drug is 12 weeks however; it may vary as per the disease condition and patient’s physical conditions.

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