What Is the Garden City Blossoming with?


If food is your forte, then Bangalore has to be your fort.Well connected by air to all major airports in India and international destinations and with a robust railway service plying to and fro from Bangalore to all parts of the country, there really is no excuse to miss the food events and festivals taking place year-round in the Garden City.

Gastronomically Eventful
The vast number of food festivals and events taking place might lead one to believe that the city survives on food, which will actually not be wrong. A large number of people attracted to these events not only from within Bangalore but also from other parts of the country is unbelievable. These occasions allow for tasting and sampling sessions. Also, many cooking classes in Bangalore take place not only during these events but throughout the year. Some of the events taking place in the near future are:

Sundae Creation Kids Workshop –Sunday is a day for the kids and what better way than to celebrate it with Sundaes. Haagen Dazs in East Bangalore will be home to his event on the 28th of August and promises to be an unforgettable experience for  children. The event aims to emphasise on the different aspects like production and craftsmanship that make that wonderful dessert appear on the tables.

Baking for Beginners (eggless) – This event to be hosted by Just Like Mum’s on the 4th of September will emphasise on the various tricks and techniques that go into making that luscious eggless cake.

Monsoon Treats – The festival that is currently ongoing will be at Latitude, Vivanta by Taj till the 31st of August. Executive Chef Satya Kedharnath brings out the spirit of the lazy monsoon month with a mouth-watering array of munchies.

Wraps & Rolls – If the choices wraps and rolls are what entice you, then Hotel Grand Mercure, Koramangla is the place to be. Going to be there till the 28th of August.The culinary delights that have been derived from cuisines around the world will tantalise the taste buds no end.

Travel Tales – As the name suggests, this gastronomic journey traverses several countries on the occasion of The Fatty Bao, in Indiranagar East turning two. On till the 28th of August, this festival is truly a confluence of various cuisines.

The Journeythrough Time
Ruled by any dynasties, this region reflects that in its food culture as well.Speciality restaurants as well as the creative side of chefs, come to the fore in Bangalore.In close proximity to TamilNadu and Kerala, along with a huge population from various parts of the country, Bangalore boasts of a food culture like no other place. The variety leaves one astounded and the natural hospitality of the people makes visitors keep coming back for more. The many food festivals that celebrate food also celebrate the spirit and passion of the people living here. Food events held for a cause also attract the non-foodies who wish to contribute meaningfully. Top chefs from the country have also delighted and enamoured the food connoisseurs here in the past.

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