What Is A Foot Care Nurse?


A foot care nurse is a professional nurse who is licensed ant trained to take care of people’s feet. The nurse can work in a hospital, clinic or home care where they can provide great care to patients healing from diseases right from their home. As a result, they have become very popular in the profession. The professionals also work with other types of health professionals including doctors, pediatrics, chiropodists and physiotherapies so as to help in eliminating chances of foot ulcer which can lead to amputations.
The nurses can also use their expertise to reduce the occurrence of foot corns, blisters and thickened nails that can become a bother to the patient. This adds a lot of value to the overall treatment since the professionals is able to work on the feet at no problems at all. In the process, these nurses assess your feet for signs of stress, ulcer and swelling as these are the main problems that can affect the feet. They use specialized equipment to check blood circulation. These tests can help identify problems in the earliest of stages. When they note a developing problem, the Foot Care Nurse refers you to other health professionals for further analysis and treatment. This can call for the use of the MRI machine, X-ray and others. When the other professionals have observed your condition and decided on the best mode of treatment, they go ahead to give you proper treatment
The services of a Foot Care Nurse are very important especially considering that problems in the foot can be an indication of other existing problems in your body. On the other hand, a Foot Care Nurse fills in the gap where patients are not able to t attend hospital and go to their homes for treatment. Some patients are too sick to be able to go to the hospital and thus, a Foot Care Nurse helps them by visiting their homes to offer foot treatments. Therefore, these professionals offer great value to the society.
The good thing is that foot care is deductible from tax provided that you get your services from a registered nurse. As a result, you can make some financial savings from the deduction. However, this exception does not apply to those who get foot care serves in saloons and beauty centers. However, there are some jurisdictions where foot care professionals need a prescription from your doctor in order to treat you. In these jurisdictions, you cannot just call a foot care professional into your home without the approval of your family doctor. However, in the absence of the doctor, you can get the approval from professional health personnel at the hospital or health centre.

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