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What Does Charcoal Do For Skin?


Charcoal is a black porous powder, which is the residue of organic matter like wood heated in the absence of air. Doesn’t sound pleasant, does it? However, this process has not been there since the beginning of time and has come to the service of humankind in the recent year in various ways.

‘Skin’ and ‘Men’s Grooming’ are presently blooming arenas. Turns out charcoal can do wonders for skin, from absorbing dirt, opening pores to brightening the skin tone, it has a lot on offer. We hear often about ‘activated charcoal’ in our beauty products these days, perhaps in a charcoal peel off Mask. This is charcoal with added oxygen and beauticians and skin aestheticians swear by the myriads of benefits this ingredient can do.

Let’s learn about some of the irresistible perks of adding charcoal to your beauty regimen:

Suitable for all skin types

Let’s start with the good news, it’s suitable for all skin types, even if you have inflammation, rashes, itch or allergies to most of the beauty products. Charcoal will serve you without irritating your skin. This is why most cosmetic companies do not hesitate to boast charcoal in their products.

Flawless fresher skin

Charcoal’s superpower lies in its ability to absorb all sorts of impurities from your skin like oil, dead skin cells, dirt, grime, blackheads. Whatever it may be, charcoal will take it all away leaving you with a flawless skin!

Acne killer

As we said before, it sucks out the oil from your skin, in turn unclogging the pores, so that germs and dirt can no longer pile-up there. This, of course, makes acne disappear. Plus, it also maintains pH balance of your skin and leaves no marks.

Reduces pores

Large open pores can be a ghetto for all sorts of pathogens and dirt, which eventually can lead to the horror of an acne outbreak. Charcoal shrinks the pores and reduces the risk of acne, blemish and other scary things on your skin.

Removes blemishes

Activated charcoal can remove blemishes like a charm. If you have acne marks, dark patches, sunburn or scars, apply a face pack with activated charcoal and voila, over-time those pesky annoyances will disappear!

Exfoliates your skin

If you spend most of your time outside, which most of us do, thanks to work or appointments, chances are dead skin, dirt and grime have certainly settled on your skin. Activated charcoal acts as an exfoliating agent, which gently gets rid of those from your skin, leaving you with a rejuvenated skin, which feels good to touch!

Tightens skin

Wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin are natural consequences of growing old as our skin becomes loose. However, there’s a trick! Beauticians and skin-care specialists have been recommending charcoal as an organic therapy to treat these imperfections for decades.

Anti-aging ingredient

Charcoal removes toxins, pathogens, clears pores and prevents further infections. By promoting a healthier skin, it also slows down the aging process! Studies have found that activated charcoal promotes blood circulation and halts changes in cells, which are linked to aging.

Soothes skin irritations and bites

It is well established that charcoal absorbs impurities from skin like no other. But turns out, it is good at absorbing toxins, pathogens and insect stings too! If you have a rash, or some scar, or even an insect sting jammed into your skin, apply a charcoal-based ointment and it will heal your skin.

There are many benefits of charcoal, it has made it as a skin-care specialists’ favorite. You would want to get to your nearest cosmetic shop or add a bunch of such charcoal-based products to your cart, isn’t it? So, try it and see how it works its magic by your skin.

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