A Website and Deft Marketing are Necessary Ingredients for the Success of a Startup

Digital Marketing

People looking to start a small business or dream of making it big in the marketplace with a startup need expert consultation and advice before going further. An idea which looks great on paper may not be feasible enough to materialize into a booming business. Another problem with most of the aspiring entrepreneurs is that they look to start a business just to get rich quick and don’t try to come up with an idea that can change the world or a unique product which can revolutionize the way people use it.
A grave mistake committed by numerous small businesses these days is that in this digital age they still rely on traditional marketing methods and also word of mouth. In this way, they leave a huge pool of potential customers untapped. While 2-3 decades ago this may be a good ploy but nowadays digital marketing is arguably the only way companies can reach to wider audience and increase their sales/revenue after all that investment and hard work. That’s where the need for an online presence is absolutely necessary for any venture.
An Ecommerce Website for Small Businesses / Startups is a Necessity
As discussed above, majority of small businesses / startups are yet to be convinced even in this digital age that an ecommerce ready website is an absolute necessity. A CNBC Poll held in June 2017 revealed that currently only 45% of small business owners who were polled said that they have such websites. And the problem doesn’t end here; of those companies who do have a website, only one-third of them use it to communicate with their customers.
Actually, startups and similar business concerns are just warming up to this idea. There are reasons behind this thinking of debunking websites. First of all, small business owners think that the cost of having a comprehensive website that can deal with e commerce transactions is very great. And they are also wary of the fact that once they will get a website, the next step is to market it properly. And then they will have to hire a digital marketing company in this regard.
Why a Website is Such an Important Aspect Anyway?
A website is among many aspects that form a larger blueprint necessary to build a company right from the scratch. I am sure, you must be wondering that what about those two-third ventures that don’t have a website at all. What else they are doing wrong and how they are still surviving in this fierce marketplace? Simply put, it’s more or less just a matter of time when these businesses will totally collapse as without a website they stand no chance.
Building a business right from the basics is a lot like building a home. Both need solid foundations that won’t give in case of an earthquake (a worst case scenario) won’t crack under pressure and require a tremendous amount of attention to detail because all the pieces must fit together to create something viable. So it’s quite obvious that not just a great idea can make sure a business can take off as sustaining it is quite a task in itself.
The nuts and bolts of the operation is like building a car. You may have an understanding that car manufacturing and assembling is a detailed and complex process. Getting a website also have quite a few areas that needs your attention and then came the tougher part; marketing it to the right audience and make sure the momentum is never lost. The moment you’ll stop for a while, your competitors will seize that opportunity to dethrone you from your post.
Deft Marketing Necessary for the Success of any Venture
A common misconception regarding the marketing of a business is that social media platforms can do wonders for any business. As over 2 billion people log in to their Facebook accounts at least once in a month, this a sure shot way to win over the audience, right? Not entirely. It’s a common practice among all the people doing transaction over the Internet is that they go to the website of a company to buy a product/service. Virtually everyone wants to make it certain that they are dealing with a genuine company and a website is the best way to make a person cent percent sure about this.

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