Web Design and Development Process You Must Follow


Using a tried, tested and trusted process approach in your web design and development projects can really make your work effective and deliver your clients high-quality online business solutions. Every custom website design and development process go through 6 major steps.
These 6 steps are:
1 Discover and Define
The process begins with discovering the client’s requirement and defining the project goals. Target audience, business niche, website niche (eCommerce, company website, portfolio, etc.), branding goals, specifics about the website, project deadline all together make a good client requirement list. Once the requirements are generated, the next step is to define the project goals for your team. It includes gathering the team, allocating the tasks, marking the deadlines, and making each team member understand the client’s requirements.
2 Creating Visuals
The web design and development process now comes to giving a shape to client’s website requirements. A wireframe of a custom website design is constructed including all the elements that client is looking for in it. More than one wireframe models are prepared for the client to choose from. Buttons are highlighted, the color scheme is displayed to create a look and feel of the final website. Then after considering the changes by the clients, one wireframe design is finalized and the team starts work on it.
3 Develop and Construct
The team starts working on the chosen wireframe of the custom website design. When the placement of each element is decided, the codes for functionality and implementation are written to bring the website to life. This process goes on until the design and functionality get aligned with client’s requirement.
4 Test & Train
Now when everything is in the right place such as the design, functionality, and content. Now comes the part to test all of this. The website is tested by testing experts on a variety of search engines and devices for its look and functionality, speed and overall performance. SEO check is also run on the website to make sure that the website follows Google guidelines.
5 Optimization & Going Live
After testing out the website on multiple devices, search engines, and eliminating all the SEO related errors, the website is delivered to the client. Before the delivery, one last step is done that is optimization of the website for its better search engine placement.
6 After Delivery Support
Google keeps on sending the new updates for websites. These updates are called algorithms. SEO executives, Web Design And Development service providers have to check the websites regularly when such an algorithm is released by Google. After checking the website, minor changes have to be made to again make it compatible with Google guidelines. If it is not done, Google can penalize your website. So with every new update, websites are monitored, evaluated, and refined. This check can also be done on any normal to make sure everything is secured at the back end.
So, you see how the web design and development tasks can be simplified in 6 simple steps and everything can be well-monitored, and accomplished following these.

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