Why You Should Visit Ahmedabad At Least Once?


Festivals are a great time to take destination vacations. In today’s article I would be talking about the trip that I took to Gujarat this Navratri season,but, before I tell you something about my trip, a little enlightenment about Navratri.

You can get the best hotels in Gujarat India with the help of online sites. The internet has really made this very easy for each and every person. I know for people who have never tried out online booking could find this a little risky. But, the online sites have great deals that you could just not miss. In fact, I do all of my hotel bookings online itself.

So, the literal meaning of Navratri would be nine nights which is taken from Sanskrit. It is a very famous Hindu festival that is celebrated every year in the autumn season. People also know Navratri as Durga Puja. But, one would be surprised to know that it is celebrated all over the country in all different cases. It differs when you travel from north to south. But the theme is common, i.e. the battle and victory of good over evil!

When it comes to celebration of Navratri in Gujarat, it is one of the main festivals that are celebrated over there. Traditionally people fast for a day or half a day in devotion to the Goddess. Each day is dedicated to a different aspect of Shakti goddess. People show their devotion by avoiding any solid food or liquid intake, anyway they like.

So, when it came to celebrating Navratri in Gujarat, I chose to stay in Ahmadabad. I checked for cheap hotels in Ahmedabad with rates much before my travel. Actually, this is a small tip to you all travellers. Make sure you do your hotel booking a little in advance. The closer the date of your journey is, the costlier your stay could become.

When it comes to having fun and celebrating Navratri, no one can beat the Gujaratis. The clubs organise shows and competitions. And this is not just one or two clubs; the whole city does it area wise. But, according to me the best part is garba and dandiya nights.

Garba is a folk dance which is done in a group. There is a huge group of people who dance together in a big circle andthe size of the circle increases and decreases according to the participants. And this goes on till late nights. Often people have garba competition as well. Dandiya is yet another folk dance which is widely practiced there, and especially during the time of Navratri. It is played with sticks and one actually needs some practice before getting on the floor.

So, my navratri was filled with lots and lots of garba and dandiya. I also got custom outfits for the events which are so bright and colourful. The mirror work, etc. makes them all look very pretty. So, next navratri, plan a trip to Gujarat. And don’t shy away from trying out anything new. The experience will be worth it!


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