Use These Social Media Metrics to Measure Your Success

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Running social media marketing in Australia can be incredibly difficult, with a huge number of businesses simply either not doing it or being very disengaged with the whole process.
However, they are all missing out on some really excellent benefits. Social media was not invented for businesses, but since they’ve worked their way into the conversation, it has actually lead to some fantastic interaction between brands and users.
Changes to Communication Make It Difficult to Quantify Success
No longer is the communication chain between the two parties vertical (i.e., going through call centres or with written messages, with minimal power for the user). Rather, social media has created a more horizontal plane of communication, giving users more strength due to the power of their voice across the social platforms.
More than simple posts though, social media allows for more simplistic engagement between brands and users in the form of simple things such as likes, follows and shares. Read something you agree with? Like it. Want other people to read it too? Share it. Like enough of it and you’ll start following the brand.
What Does A ‘Like’ Really Mean?
But for businesses, what does all this mean? It’s easy with posts; if someone says you suck, you understand that that is a bad interaction (and also a business opportunity for you as well). It has potential to become a rallying point for others. But what about a simple like? What does that give your business?
In a word: nothing. Well, that’s not really fair. More like: next to nothing. You need to get away from the concept of equating likes with success. Posts get likes all the time. You could post a photo of a rock, and with the right copy have it get more likes than ever before, even if it has nothing at all to do with your business.
Look At The Alternatives
Don’t fall for the allure of easy metrics such as likes. Shares offer value from a viral perspective. If you have a fantastic infographic, shares are certainly relevant for the prospect of shareability and can give guidance towards promoting those posts for further reach.
Of course, the number of followers you gain is critical, as due to organic reach algorithms on social media platforms, you might only reach 10% of total followers for a particular post, and will keep it very restrictive without further promotion. The more followers you have, the greater potential for post reach.
Consider Next Level Measurement
Regardless of these “vanity” metrics, you do need to consider the large implications of your social media marketing. Does it drive traffic to your website? Does it lead to significant engagement with your user base? Learning to understand what actions result in which outcomes is critical for the long term success of your business online.
Social media marketing campaigns in Australia work for a range of businesses, offering guidance towards content, engagement strategies and outcome analysis to develop better social media practice moving forwards.

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