Use of SMS in Your Marketing Strategy


SMS is the buzzword in marketing circles today. Apart from cost effectiveness, SMS marketing has several well proven advantages.

Some of the most experienced advantages of SMS marketing are:

  • Instant Deliverability:

It is well known that SMS serves to be lightning fast. Within seconds, it puts the message across, in the pocket of your target audience. Most SMS services and mobile carriers take the time of less than 7 seconds for sending and receiving an SMS. Though other modes of marketing may be fast, nothing can beat the speed of SMS.

  • Flexibility of Platform

You can either send a few messages to a target group or send thousands of messages to the complete SMS list. The service of great SMS marketing makes it simple to customize the campaigns of your text messages as per the requirements of subscribers to your SMS. Design a swift industry update or a promotional message; SMS streamlines itself as per the requirements of your business. In addition, many SMS services integrate easily into other strategies of online marketing.

  • Instant Opt-out and Opt-in

Because of the emergence of short codes, opting out and opting-in to your SMS stream is similar to all other things linked with SMS- they are instant. As opposed to other opt-out and opt-in options, there is only one step. Apart from entering a mobile number, there is no need for any upfront personal information. In the business of SMS marketing, you will desire to make opting out as simple as opting-in. It is this simplicity which keeps up high subscriber satisfaction.

  • Superior Opening Rate

In comparison to e-mail marketing, SMS has a stupendously high opening rate. Basically every SMS sent is opened while only a fraction of e-mails are opened and read. Subscribers are attuned to hearing abuzz of the mobile phone kept in the pocket. They always check the SMS or online text message (SMS send via net), when they hear a trill signal. Sometimes, text messages open automatically while e-mails do not. E-mail subscribers have the option of opening or not opening an e-mail.

  • High Rate of Conversion

As regards to SMS, there is a very great rate of action by subscribers. Whatever be your SMS- contests or promotions, more action is taken in comparison to other strategies of promotion or marketing.

  • Reliability

As opposed to e-mail, SMS does not have to combat with spam filters. Basically, SMS is more a mode of directly connecting to your customer base compared to other marketing strategy. They do not have any barriers.

  • Short and Sweet

Some businesses may feel the short nature of SMS to be a challenge, but the 160- character length of SMS is a boon to others. It encourages you to be concise and clear. For one, the customer is saved of the burden of reading through content which is not relevant, all the time. SMS gets to the point swiftly, without rambling with the message.

  • Simply Cool

A big section of customers have abandoned e-mailing for texting. You can project a good image of your company as being technology savvy by communicating text messages of targeted promotion. Using SMS, you can win the battle for next generation of customers.  This is good for local businesses who want to produce a buzz.

These are some of the benefits of SMS marketing.

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