Top benefits of the steroid follistatin that you should know


Before you start looking for follistatin 344 for sale, it is important to know its benefits and side effects. Follistatin is involved in fertility, muscle growth and inflammation. Most people know that this compound is involved in bodybuilding circles but its benefits on muscle growth may not be all they are cracked up to be. Today we are going to learn more about follistatin and how it can be used along with supplements and foods.

The meaning of follistatin

This is a compound made of sugar molecules and protein. Studies in mice and rats indicate that this compound is produced in the liver but it can also be found in other body tissues. Follistatin plays a role in promoting the growth of cells throughout the body. There are however many different forms of this compound which play different roles in different parts of the body.

Follistatin 344

This is typically the most basic form. It is used primarily in gene therapy. The gene that helps in the creation of follistatin is injected into the body with the aid of specially designed viruses. This general form of follistatin can then be converted into more specific types to target different body parts.

Follistatin 315

This is typically the main form of follistatin in the bloodstream. It targets the muscle tissue and it is the best form of follistatin.

Follistatin 288

This type of follistatin is involved in reproductive health and it plays a major role in cancer and tumour cell development.

Follistatin 300

This type of follistatin is involved in cardiac inflammation and re-shaping nerve connections.

Follistatin and muscle growth

When looking for steroids for sale online with the aim of muscle growth, you can go for follistatin supplements. They have gained a lot of attention in the bodybuilding community because they are known for boosting muscle mass and scientists have backed this up in their studies. A study was done where follistatin was derived from the egg yolk to increase muscle mass. One way in which follistatin accelerates the growth of the muscles is by inhibiting a protein that limits muscle development called myostatin.

A study was carried out on a monkey where it was found that increasing the production of follistatin in the body led to a decrease in myostatin activity. This increased the growth of muscles significantly. A study was also done on mice and it indicated that follistatin stimulated the growth of muscles and this led to enhanced muscle repair and growth.

Prevention of fat gain

Apart from boosting muscle growth, follistatin can also be used to prevent the accumulation of fat in the human body. Boosting the levels of follistatin in the body can decrease the size of fat-storing cells in the body and reduce fat gain.

Prevention of muscle loss

Another major reason why bodybuilders look for follistatin 344 for sale is to prevent muscle loss. Injecting yourself with follistatin can be used to increase muscle strength and apart from being used by bodybuilders, it can also be used to treat age-related muscle wasting disease.

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