Top 5 Silk Sarees You Must Own This Festive Season


Sarees are a 9 metre fabric of magic draped around you, channelling the inner goddess within you. With a bunch of festivals lines up in the upcoming months, your wardrobe should be already decided. But, just in case you haven’t got it all put together then I am here to tell you about the must have sarees that are absolutely loved by all the women.

Now, with limited time in hand one might gets stressed about the shopping. But with the internet, you have nothing to worry about. You could check out the fabulous collections in the online stores. I am giving below a list of most loved women festive and party sarees online:

  1. Banarasi Silk Sarees are all about the richness. Banarasi silk sarees are brilliant in the beautiful mix feasts. Their marvellous colours, sheen and texture are something which is enough to give you the glamour and a touch of traditional look you need for the festivities and other grand occasions. These sarees have heavy golden embroidery on the borders and are also very popular bridal wear in North India.
  2. Chanderi Sarees – now if you are looking for something that gives you an ethnic look but also is subtle at the same time, then chanderi sarees should be your pick. They are given various patterns such as traditional coin, floral art, peacocks and geometrics into different chanderi patterns.
  3. Tant Sarees – they are a classic. Now if you want to drape that long saree but still beat the heat at the same time there is nothing better than these crisp cotton fantasies which is commonly known as Tant. Although tant sarees are stiffly starched and thus don’t have easy flowing attitude as silk or georgette, they are wide;y preferred by women for the comfort in fabric. This durga puja you have to own one.
  4. Kanjeevaram Sarees – these are one of the most alluring. Kanjeevaram sarees make an excellent bridal choice. These sarees are the most famous bridal saree of South India. But apart from bridal wear, women consider wearing kanjeevaram silk sarees for festivals if they wish to go with the ‘over the top’ look. Crafted and most garnered drape from the hub of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, this saree has earned a fame for its vibrant colours and excellent borders with temple patterns.
  5. Assam Silk Sarees – As the name suggests, this beauty is taken by the serene land of Assam. Mekhela chador is the traditional Assamese saree for women which are the inclusion of two-piece clothes that are draped around the body. Assam sarees are famous due to their delicate weaving of golden Moga silk and vehement thread works as well. But these sarees are not restricted to Assam, their popularity crosses the boundaries and is loved by women all over the country.

So these were the list of some of the best sarees that you should definitely own this festive season and you need not go far for the hunt. You could just buy ladies festive & party sarees online.

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