Top 10 Best Online Doctorates of Business Administration


Here is an overview of the top 10 best Doctor of Business Administration online that you can obtain:

  • Florida Institute of Technology: This institution offers a high-quality professional degree that works with students that have a minimum of 5 years of managerial experience who want to become leaders in government, business, healthcare, education and non-profit organizations.
  • Hampton University: Hampton University offers a PhD in Business Administration that appeals to working professionals. Students must reside on campus for 4 weeks in July through August during the first 2 years of the program, but all other coursework can be done via the Internet.
  • California Baptist University: CBU offers a 50-unit program that students can complete to obtain their Doctorate in Business Administration online in a minimum of 3 years. The school implements a standard cohort model that makes it easy for students to advance and collaborate as they work their way through the coursework as well as their respective dissertations.
  • Wilmington University: This university offers a part-time program that is an ideal match for experienced educators, professionals and managers who want to advance in their leadership or executive positions. It requires a 54-credit minimum to obtain the degree.
  • University of South Alabama: The classes offered by this university meet the first and last weekend of each month. Students are required to complete 2 classes each semester along with a 1-hour seminar component and obtain a minimum of 42 credits to complete the program.
  • Indiana Institute of Technology: The institute offers an exciting educational opportunity for those interested in identifying and comprehending their responsibilities and leadership roles within a variety of organizations and groups. Students are required to reside on-campus for occasional residency weekends throughout the course of the program to qualify for graduation.
  • Keiser University: With this university, students are able to benefit from a high-quality business education with a little assistance from a system that consists of research, scholarship and independent study/learning. The course requires 7 core classes (21 credit hours) in addition to 18 credit hours within the chosen specialization and a reserved 12 hours for the dissertation process.
  • Durham University: This executive doctoral program is offered to qualified students on a part-time, flexible basis and covers a duration of 4-6 years with an approximate 61-credit minimum.
  • George Fox University: Christian business professionals and educators can benefit from the doctoral program offered by this university, especially since it blends a wide variety of business practices and disciplines with ethics, faith and spiritual values into a program with a 56-credit minimum requirement.
  • Athabasca University: This university offers an online program that is specifically designed to improve the quality of management education offered to existing management professionals and educators. In addition to connecting staff, faculty and students through an online platform to engage in a number of collaborative learning opportunities, this program (which has a 54-credit minimum requirement) targets those interested in a vast number of fields and specializations.

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