spine surgery

Tips to recover from a spine surgery


Spine surgery is generally a surgery done on your spine. As part of the pre-operative along with post-operative recovery mechanisms the following tips would be of a lot of help.

Increase the consumption of proteins

To heal quickly our body needs ample dose of proteins. For our basic healing, muscle strength they are needed at any costs. The collagen  which works out to be the foundation of the structure. It is a combination of amino acids along with proteins. The antibiotics that require protein to fight off infections also need protein.

Eliminate food products along with refined sugars

If you avoid fat and refined sugars you do have a control over your blood sugar levels. If the food does have a high content of sugar, not only it is healthy. It does go on to supress the immune system at the same time as well. Say one ounce of teaspoon can go on to supress the immune system for somewhere between 4 to 8 hours. If you go on to consume a 12 ounce of sugar it will suppress your immune system for somewhere in the region of 2 days.

Proper sleep

You cannot ignore the impact of a proper sleep and that is too after a post-surgery period. Experts are of the opinion that you would need around 8 hours of sleep daily. In case if you do lose sleep for a single hour of the day. Then you would need a couple of hours extra sleep in order to compensate for the same. So the message has to be that you should not be sleep deprived in any manner. It not only rejuvenates your body, but does go on to improve your motivation, as well as mood. There is no lack of effort as far as sleep is concerned during the recovery phase.

Nutritional supplements are a must

The trend which has been observed is that most people are deficient in a host of nutritional supplements. This would include vitamin C, magnesium or Omega 3 fatty acids. For collagen healing vitamin C works out to be important. For example calcium would be necessary for calcium mobilization. In case of vitamin D as most of the people are deficient in sunlight as mostly 80 % of people are deficient in sunlight. In order to optimize our healing process the diet needs to be supplemented with the same.


It would mean to drink the water and no excuses as well. You should not confuse, coffee tea and sodas need not be confused as far as hydration goes. Water would be the main force to prevent hydration and it cleans out the system. It does create a positive environment for your overall health along with the well being of your overall health.

The best spine surgeon in India do suggest the following measures for a speedy recovery. You would need to get in touch with the top hospitals of the country. They go on to a great job for sure as the success rate is higher.

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