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Things you should avoid doing in a restaurant


Liberty station restaurants are designed to give you the best experience. They have some of the best food and waiters in the world. If you want to dine there, it is important to avoid inconveniencing other people and ruining their experience. Although no one will tell you to stop doing it, some behaviors should be avoided while in a restaurant.

Lie about allergies

If you have food allergies, make sure you tell the server as soon as you sit on your chair. Don’t forget telling them about any ingredient allergies that you have. There is nothing good about keeping quiet and start suffering later or blame the restaurant for your suffering. Also, it is not good to lie about allergies that you don’t have.

Hang around after making your payment

While you may want to relax a little bit after dining in liberty station bars & restaurants, it is always advisable not to hang around for too long after paying. Remember there are a lot of customers who want to use the restaurant. Restaurants make money from serving people. The more people they serve, the more money they make so don’t stick around and prevent the restaurant from achieving their goals.

Leaving dirty tissues on the table

Remember when you leave dirty tissues on the table that someone will have to pick them up and this is not pleasant at all. If you have some dirty tissues, please throw them in the dustbin.

Calling the waiter when you are not ready to order

The waiters in liberty station restaurants are very busy. They serve a lot of people so when you call them, make sure that you are ready to make your order. Don’t call them and start thinking what to order when they are right in front of you. This will be wasting their time.

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