Things to Know Before Building Backyard Granny Flats

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When it comes to extending your property, the backyard granny flat is the best choice. Also, the granny flat adds value to your property. If you are one of those homeowners who are dealing with limited space problems, then building a granny flat on your backyard is a great idea. This way you can store your extra items such furniture, books, machines and garden tools inside the granny flat. But the main reason for building a granny flat is to provide a safe custody for elderly family member. Your grandparents need some privacy and they need to live in touch with their family members. So you can design a granny flat for them and install necessary furniture, home appliances and a few gadgets in their flat for their comfortable living.

#3 Things to Know Before You Build A Granny Flat:

  1. Check the space of your backyard:

You can build from 1 BHK to 3 BHK granny flats on your backyard, but before that, you need to measure the backyard area. If you do not have enough space in your backyard then you would not be able to build the granny flat. So it is better to take professional help for this purpose. The builder will come and take the measurements of your backyard premises and suggest you whether you can build a granny flat there. Further, they will sketch the layout or blueprint of your granny flat and they will also include all existing establishments such as boundary walls, fences, pool area, trees and garden areas of your backyard in the building layout.

Granny Flats

  1. Regulations and registration:

There are different building regulations and planning acts implemented by the local councils, and you need to maintain the same for building your granny flat. It is best to call the local council or visit your nearest municipal office to take the permission for your granny flat. Violation of any building regulatory act can impose heavy penalty, and you need to maintain each and every building code implemented by the planning department of your local municipal council. The building department cannot give you the home extension permit if you have any heritage or wildlife property in nearby locations. However, the council can charge you an additional amount to issue the building permit for your backyard granny flats, and you do not need to take any town planning for this purpose. Even most of the builders can provide this service from their end, and they will help you to take the building permit from council also. They will include these charges in their agreement and it is better to rely on their services instead of going to municipal council for permit.

  1. Choose the best company for your granny flat:

You need to choose the best builder for your granny flat, and it is not an easy task for you because every builder will try to impress you with their own designs and attractive features. It is better to go for simple designs, because these simple designs can save your cost and give you enough space inside the flat. Today you can also choose the prefab home as your backyard granny flat, which can help you save a lot of money. The builder will design the prefab granny flat in the factory and then the different parts will be transported to the site to be assembled on your backyard.

You can also use the backyard granny flats as your office cabin, kid’s rooms, guest rooms and you can even rent out your granny flat for extra income. So build you granny flat today and avail numerous benefits of backyard granny flats.

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