The Merits of Online Dating

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When it comes to dating in the modern world, things are a far cry from how they used to be. For starters, most people seem to meet using online dating with sites and services like eHarmony. Our potential love interests used to be only people we happened to meet and first develop a rapport with. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. While we didn’t meet via online dating, my wife and I fell in love over Facebook years after meeting in person and not really clicking at first. The connecting capabilities of the internet are truly something special in general, let alone when it comes to dating.

When it comes to online dating, however, you can actually start with a more thorough understanding of someone. While it would typically take a few dates to get to the level of knowledge of another person that a dating profile provides, these days it’s all given to you up front. This can be a great thing, because it gives you some idea of whether or not you’re compatible with someone before wasting anyone’s time. Of course, that’s the whole premise of dating online, isn’t it?  However, there’s more to it than that. Not only do you avoid wasting time this way, but you also can get to know people much more quickly with the foundation of the dating profile. And, if we’re being honest, isn’t getting to know your significant other the best part of a relationship? I know that this is the case for me. The times I’ve teared up just remembering times that my wife and I have taught each other interesting facts or simply surprised one another with our idiosyncrasies are numerous. Yes, online dating has transformed the dating landscape, but I would say it’s a change, not necessarily for the better, but definitely not for the worst.

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