The Benefits Of Acupressure Foot Therapy


Too much standing up, walking or running around makes your feet sore and tired. Sometimes these situations are unavoidable though, especially when you are at work, running an errand or taking care of your children. As you feel pain on your feet, it makes you feel tired and you even cannot explain how you really feel. All you know is you don’t feel good. This is because your feet muscles are so tensed and the circulation is not working well. There are people who look for relief by going to a spa for foot reflexology in Singapore.

What a foot massage can do to you is surprisingly good. Some people think that it is just a relaxation thing for them but the truth is it helps you more than that. Have you tried having an acupressure foot therapy? Let us look into some benefits you can get from this foot therapy service:

It Improves Circulation
For many people, especially those who are working all day and have to wear shoes all the time, their foot is being squeezed because by their footwear. The circulation tends to become slow because it blocks other veins from doing what they are intended to. 10 to 15 minutes of acupressure foot therapy is going to improve your circulation. It will soothe your tired and sore feet.

It Helps Reduces The Effects Of Anxiety And Depression
Most cancer patients who are having acupressure foot therapy are able to deal with the effects of anxiety even better. It doesn’t only relax you and your foot but it can also help you cope with depression. There are studies that shows patients who go through acupressure foot therapy have seen a reduction in the effects of anxiety and depression that they are experiencing.

It Helps Lower Blood Pressure
With our fast paced life, a lot of factors can become the reason for having high blood pressure. The food you eat can be one reason, especially if you love eating fried foods, fatty foods or fast foods. The effects of your job can also be one reason. It has been proven scientifically that blood pressure can be lowered with the help of regular acupressure foot therapy.

It Helps You Have A Good Sex Life
Setting the mood right and starting with foot therapy can help you achieve a better experience with your partner. You can have scented lighted candles to set a romantic ambience. A foot massage can be done as foreplay. It promotes mild arousal that can set you for a better mood, making you forget the pressures you have from everything else in your life.

It Helps In Preventing Ankle And Foot Injuries
Most flat footed people encounter so much injury since they have more tendency to get tired and sore feet. Having a few minutes of foot therapy will help strengthen your feet and it will prevent you from having injuries. It also helps faster healing on injuries you have. The therapy is going to help you improve how you move so that you will be able to avoid getting ankle and foot injury.

Among Pregnant Women It Reduces The Effects Of Edema
Women who are pregnant experience edema on the last trimester of their pregnancy. Edema is the fluid retention at your feet that causes swelling. Pregnant women need to have a strong feet to support them and their baby. Regular foot massages will help you reduce the effects of edema, giving you stronger muscles on your feet.

It Helps In Alleviating Symptoms Of Menopause And PMS
Regular foot massages can help women who are experiencing symptoms of PMS to be alleviated. Most women who are having PMS have different emotions. They tend to boost their appetite and they get sleepless nights. Having foot therapy will you them go through these symptoms easily, and it will be the same for a woman who is going through menopausal symptoms.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from acupressure foot therapy. Regular visits to your spa for foot reflexology in Singapore will make you feel better and it can help you release your stress. Give some time for your feet to relax for you to feel better doing your work every day. 

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