Some Social Media Marketing Tactics That Are Out-dated


Several social media marketers may be deemed crazy as they do the same thing over and over again with expectation of different results. While sometimes this can be attributed to laziness, most of the time it is due to ignorance or blind belief in baseless ‘best practices’.

Here are some strategies and related tactics which have outlived their use:

Focus Only On Links

Excessive brand accounts on social media feature links to content of their own like most or all their posts. At the same time, you must not feel shy to share links to your very own content. You have all reasons to be proud that you have created it and you get interested followers.

But in case your social media accounts are generally links to personal content, it is likely your followers’ interest will wane and they may even start to ‘unfollow’ you.

What can be done?

Keep a balance of your content links by including posts of help and general interest to the audience such as sharing content from some other non-competitive, good resources. Your aim must be to encourage people to consider your account as useful and not simply, promotional.

Add some posts which don’t link to any others, but may be useful all on their own. For instance, you might post useful insights and short tips.

Graduating From Following to Pitching

Take the case when you find someone on social media who is interesting. He or she maybe already connected to your friends. Hence, you hit ‘follow’.

But you have got it wrong. Trying to send an automated e-mail or pitch message instantly after anyone follows you makes you seem impersonal and cold and make them feel that you regard them as simply a prospect.

This situation is similar to one scenario when you enter a party you have been invited to and quickly begin distributing your business cards to all the guests. This is just like what people will feel when you send them a pitch message soon after they follow you.

What can be done?

Make use of social media at its best: in order to build relationships and not for direct selling

Before sending a direct message, place new followers in a list for engaging with you. Explore such a list and put ‘likes’ on some posts per day. Add evocative comments where suitable.

Your aim must be to transform cold followers to warm prospects. You can make a pitch after you change from a total unknown to a known person.

Mass Following

One practice on, particularly on Instagram and Twitter is bulk following on vast number of accounts. This is because many accounts may follow back when some others follow them. This helps mass follower for boosting their count of followers.

It is easy to spot accounts that tend to do these. Typically, they have a nearly same ratio of followers-to-following as well as minimal engagement for every post, despite millions of followers. This implies that your feed may be totally useless to you.

These are some points to keep in mind while implementing social media marketing services India.

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