Soak in the Deliciousness of Kababs


There are variety of dishes and eatables that are loved by people. Talking specifically about Kebabs, they are one of the delicacies that is extremely adored across the length and breadth of this country called India.  But it is important that you understand that all types of kebab are not equally popular.  Some kebabs are there that are liked more than others and thus relish much fame. However, whatever be the case, it is needless to say that the thought of hot kababs leave the mouths watering.

There are different types of kababs with their specific particularities. If you love to munch kababs then it would be lovely if you learn how to prepare different scrumptious kababs. Just learn chicken seekh kabab recipe in Hindi or other ones and you are good to prepare delicious kababs whenever you feel like eating. Anyhow, have a look at some of the kababs that are extremely popular in this country.

Sheek Kebab

It is actually rare to find a hard core non-vegetarian individual who does not love this type of kebab.  This is a kabab that is made up with minced meat that could be chicken, beef or mutton, and roasted of skewers or sheeks.  The Sheek kebab is characteristically long and cylindrical.  These are generally savoured with crisp and hot Rumalirotis.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is undoubtedly one of the finest Indian kebabs that have turned out to be iconic. The tikka is generally prepare of chicken and trademark red masala. It encompasses juicy chewable pieces of delicious chicken that are cooked over a charcoal fire. Such a   kebab is so recognized that it has become a sample for kebabs in general.  If you just say that you want kebabs then there is every possibility that you would be served chicken tikkas.

Reshmi Kebab

This is a popular kebab that is most prevalent for kids. It is not so much spicy as the most of the kebabs usually are and is creamy white in shade. The meat that is used in this kebab is generally chicken steeped with white pepper and cream. Caramelized onions can also get used to make the Reshmi of smooth threads on pieces of meat.

Hara Bhara Kebab

If you are a vegetarian and want to experience kababs then you must munch on this kabab. It is one of the most popular vegetarian kebabs popular among people. Itis green coloured kebab that is famous with vegans. This kababis preparedof healthy green vegetables such as peas and spinach. These greens are mashed and blended with potatoes and then they get fried. In various places, this kabab has dry fruits too.

Kalmi Kebab

It is a kabab that is easy to eat and tastes like so delicious. These kababs are legendary in India. These are prepared of chicken leg pieces.  The marinade is nearly similar to chicken tikka along with curd and red chilli. However, here the style of roasting is entirely different.

So, when are you going to munch on your favourite kababs? These are just a few of the widespread variety of kababs. Just add some excitement in your days with these scrumptious eatables!

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