Sisal Rug- Most Probably A Great Compliment To Almost Every Type Of Furnishing

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A Sisal Rug is an extremely trendy design element for almost every home and their rooms. They are made from a natural fiber and popular amongst even those people who are allergic to synthetic rugs. Sisal is another natural style fiber for area rugs which is come from remote areas; they are found in the cactus plants of Africa, china, Brazil and Mexico. And the rug woven with this fiber are absolutely environmentally friendly, non synthetic and non-allergic. Furthermore, sisal rug is stronger than its artificial counterparts; offering longevity and durability.
A sisal rug has a lot of benefits over several synthetic flooring options. Such a rug is naturally stain resistant, beautiful for longer and ideal for busy areas. This means you don’t require cleaning as often or using chemical treatments. This is suitable for an assortment of applications including modern, traditional, formal and casual. It does not corporate any artificial color of chemicals which may release toxic gases into your home environment.
The sisal fiber is very sturdy and extremely hard wearing, such features make it long lasting and of course perfect for high traffic areas including stairs and hallways. But, in case of a sisal rug, sisal is not individually used all the time. In order to make it softer it is mixed with wool sometimes.  Also, it is anti-static, and due to its natural fiber, helps to control the humidity in the atmosphere. This could be a great bonus especially for offices with computers and also means that the flooring is less likely to attract dust and dirt.
A Sisal rug can be a favorable choice for those also who want eco-friendly alternative flooring. One of the sublime attractions of such rugs is that it requires little care and infact, just regular vacuuming will suffice. But one thing which is advisable at the time of cleaning is that steam cleaning is not recommended. This could definitely be a sustainable option for both your home and office in absence of steam cleaning.
If truth be told, when you choose sisal rug as flooring, you are not only opting for a natural fiber which provides a healthier environment for everyone in your family but choosing a prolonged option which also promotes greater environmental responsibility.
Apart from the fact that a sisal rug is woven from the cactus plant, possesses some unique characteristics; which are as:

  • It can expand or contract itself according to the weather conditions.
  • Just like Jute it is also made from a hundred percent natural fiber
  • It looks unique and astonishing.
  • It lasts for a really long period of time without any problem like fading color or breaking fabric.
  • Sisal rugs are becoming one of the most preferred options amongst the interior designers also for home as well as office.
  • Fiber used in such rugs is super absorbent which means it can act as a natural humidifier for your home and result allow your home stay cool even on hot days.

If you are passionate to leave a deep visual impact and bring a new look and vibrant personality to your home, the modern eco-friendly sisal rugs available at FloorSpace are the right choice.

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