Simple SEO Tips for 2017


Expand your keywords:
Are you tracking a little or few keywords? Well, you should expand your keywords. It is better to have a large number of keywords pointing towards you website. Because the greater number of keywords ranked in any search engine, the more traffic these will bring to you. You do not miss anything targeting many keywords but you do much while using fewer of them. Focus of few long tail keywords, because long tail keywords bring not only traffic but genuine sale. It is wise to at least use 30+ combinations of keywords. Make a blend of short and long tail keywords. But the most important thing is choosing right keywords. Have a deeper look while choosing any keywords. There are number of keyword research tools you can use. Make effective use of those tools, Google’s keyword planner could be mighty effective. You can also use many paid tools from other developers.

Another ranking factor that you might be missing in your SEO strategy is using HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) secure mode for your website. Some newbie’s might not be aware but this is also a strong ranking factor. There is nothing much that you need to do, just buy SSL certificate for your website and install it on your server. Make a check that your website loads permanently in HTTPS mode. You should miss this opportunity. Also it does not require you to do any heavy lifting.
Competitor Analysis:
If you are an SEO and not checking out on your competitor, you are missing some serious points. Competitor analysis is the most important technique to outclass any of your business rivals. It also provides you lots of backlinking opportunities. There are many tools available to keep an eye on your rivals moves. Moz OpenSiteExplorer and Ahrefs are some of the famous competitor analysis tools. Once you have information from all of your competitors, the next step is compiling all the information and categorizing it.
Check your own backlinks:
It is very important that you quite often perform checks for your baclinks. Most of the time customers think they have a very strong links pointing towards your site. You should regularly check your backlinks. Backlinking is what should never be stopped, you should be continuously looking for any opportunity.
Image optimization:
Image optimization is another very crucial factor that may increase several points to your SEO. Google or any other search engine cannot read images. ALT attribute is used to display a text to user when images do not load properly. This description can also benefit your SEO strategy. One more thing you should do to optimize your images is giving proper and relevant names. For example instead of naming “abcd.jpg” consider naming it as “image-optimization.jpg”.

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