Rock and Roll with Bar Mitzvah DJ!


The best thing about being on a dance floor is to have the music pump the adrenalin and make you want to jump around. This is certainly what the DJ tries to do and most of them do it pretty good. Hey, if you walked out on the dance floor, you are certain to get the feeling of ‘let’s rock this joint’ going through you.

Duty of the DJ

The magic is that the DJ has a list of songs or rather has lists of songs that follow a certain rhythm. They keep shuffling these songs so that the tempo is not lost, the meaning of each song changes with the mood of the dance floor. It is not too difficult to do but for certain thematic presentations you need to have the concept of the theme well in hand.

Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Tradition of coming of age

It is like this. You cannot have a soft romantic number when the whole place is kicking its feet wanting to shake the joint. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is the time for the boys of the Jewish community to come of age and take responsibility for their actions. This happens when they are 13 years old. The girls take this ceremony when they are 12 years old. They too like the boys must now take up responsibility for their actions. The Bar Mitzvah DJ is the person conducting the show for these celebrations. The price for it tops the entire price list for hiring DJs. Only wedding DJs come higher priced than these DJs.

When you hire a DJ package, you can expect specific things such as a professional sound system with wireless microphones, choice of specific songs and favourite music, and a DJ in the proper attire to conduct the entire event. You might also get email and phone support by connecting through the DJ and the administrative staff. They set up the equipment and take it down after the show is over.

Extras with the DJ package

You can increase the DJ package to include many extras. For instance, you can ask for and get many interactive dancers. They will come on-stage to add pep to the proceedings. It is always nice to see people active on the dance floor; it makes you want to dance. The next thing that makes the dance floor so attractive is the multi-coloured light bulbs. This might come with a strobe; you can choose this according to where you hold the show and how grand you want it to be.

They will also arrange for games that involve the audience. This will be based on the Jewish tradition and that is one of the reasons that the Bar Mitzvah DJs are so costly. They need to be familiar with the Jewish faith and traditions. You can really go to town with the video effects but that will cost more.

Celebrations are all in the mind, until you let your hair down and get on the dance floor. The real feat lies in being with the spirit of the moment and living life.

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