Reasons for Having Flower in Home

Flowers have been an immortal part of the human existence. Their charm, beauty and benefits are known to all. It’s really an amazing feeling, when a loved one surprises you with bouquet of irresistible fragrant flowers. Although, we know flowers are hale and hearty, most of us especially in big metro cities don’t think about gardening in their own backyard, this is really disappointing. An instrument which carries the beauty of nature and applicable for various health benefits is not treated well.
This article will tell about the various advantages of having flowers in your house, which probably motivate you.

·       Improves health
Everything seems more than perfect when you are around sweet aromatic flowers. They are not only the best creature of god but also very multipurpose element. We all know that its beauty could mesmerize anyone but also it can heal the sick. They contribute to a feeling of well being, making the environment much more calm and optimistic, which is eventually good for aging people. Studies have shown that flowers help in fast recovery, improved mental health, decrease blood pressure, and relief from anxiety. Also, good powerful odour triggers instant memories.

·       Perfect décor material
Why we use some non-living table cloth or glittering paper to decorate our lovely home, instead use colourful flowers which looks more attractive. Hands arranged your vase with beautiful flowers and put on the drawing room table or use it in kitchen or dining areas and you will notice the instant change in the environment. It gives a fuzzy feeling, when fresh blooms are ubiquitous in home. Flowers generally last a week or longer if cared properly. Change the water every day and trim the dead leaves to keep them alive.

·       Save the environment
It’s always not compulsory to look what benefits we are getting from nature, sometimes we need to do our bit for them. Having a garden full of flowers and plants, habitat several insects and birds which are very crucial to environment, for example Bees. We all know that this small insect is a great pollinator, so planting a tree in your backyard ensures that they can survive in your area. Also, plants and trees are very important to reduce pollution. More you plant trees, more you get oxygen and more you will be healthy.

·       Keep yourself and family close to nature
There are so many natural places which we cherish in books and photographs. But, not for all of us it is possible to experience that live. So, it’s better to bring nature close to you. A wonderful charming garden, full of flowers, fruits and vegetables is worth admiring and when it is your own property, the head is held high. It is very important for us to teach our children about the importance of nature and how much they give to us, so they could also realize and help in preserving it.

Often in fast living world we lack time and seldom when we want to express love and affection to someone, we send flowers online to them.  But, it would become more pleasurable when we handpick flowers from our own garden and present it. 

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