Purification of Water

Purification of Water is Necessary

Life Style

Water is the basic essential for all living beings. Humans as recommended needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water on a regular basis in order to stay hydrated and healthy.

But one also needs to drink healthy water in order to stay fir. Otherwise, it is of no use. So, how can one be aware that the water they are drinking is actually healthy? Well, for that they need to be more cautious and careful.

Protection against Harmful Organisms

Many researches have properly shown that almost 90 percent of the world’s water supply is completely unfit to drink. They need some sort of treatment before they become of drinkable quality. This is because; water can contain a lot of micro organisms which can cause problems like vomiting, diarrhoea and other kinds of serious diseases. There are actually many ways to purify water so that it can become safe to drink. Boiling and chemical treatment can be some of the options. In order to remove chlorine and iodine, one needs to go through filtration systems. There is aqua guard water purifier which can help one to drink purified water.

Removal of Toxic Metals

Apart from micro organism, the untreated water also has a lot of minerals like magnesium and copper. There are some minerals which are not directly a health threat to humans but when it gets mixed with other minerals it can make the water completely unsuitable to drink. The major minerals that are available in water making it unsuitable to drink are copper and lead. They are dangerous to health. Disinfectant agents, chemicals and filtration systems are used to remove as much of the minerals as possible to help reduce risk and illness.

May not remove Pesticides

Pesticides used on farms and on lawns can seep into water supplies. Municipal water can be treated for pesticide contamination, but if one has a well at house they may not be aware that pesticides are in the water unless they have it properly tested. Home water filters may help remove chlorine and other heavy metals such as mercury, but they may not be able to remove pesticides. Long term exposure to pesticides in drinking water may increase the risk of cancer.

Need for regular maintenance

It is said that home water purifiers can always help in removing the basic bad things present there along with bacterial and minerals making it suitable for one to drink them. But one also needs to clean these water purifier at a regular interval. This is because; when they absorb all the impurities from water some of them remain stuck inside the purifier. If it is not cleaned regularly, then there is no point in using that water purifier because the water will not be purified fully. Dirty filters can be more harmful for drinking water and it should be strictly avoided.

One can do a thorough research before buying any water purifier for their home or work place. They should always go for the one which is recommended by many.

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