Why Personality Profile Test?


Psychometrics means the field of study, which is related to various psychological measurements in a person. The psychometric tests are used by the recruiters and employers. This test brings out the skills and talents in a person – which is not possible to understand through interviews. This is also known as the personality tests. This includes – different types of personality tests and aptitude tests. These tests can be conducted online prior to the interview or they can be taken in person. These tests provide the employer with the kind of skills you have and also your strong mental ability areas.

In the modern times, there is a lot of competition and hence it is desirable to have psychometric / personality profile tests to get the right candidate. Let us understand something more about these tests:

When and why is the personality profile test required?

In general the tests are conducted as soon as the candidate submits his / her application. This is an additional part of your interview. The personal interview happens after this test – this gives a better idea to the recruiter how to approach you.

They are used for specific reasons – the main objective of the test is to be impersonal and compare the ability of the candidates without any bias. The recruitment process becomes much smoother and efficient. It also reduces the HR costs to a large extent. The psychometric tests are supposed to be the best indicators for performance of the candidate on the job.

What does the psychometric test measure?

The word psychometric has been derived from Greek – they essentially mean mental ability and measurement. The major areas which the test explores are – aptitude of the person for the job, the recruiter or the company can easily decide whether the personality is perfect for the job; last but not the least the capabilities of the person.

In the long run the tests will confirm how you can work under pressure and how do you work in order to meet your targets.

Different types of psychometric tests used for profile tests

These tests are divided into 3 categories namely –

  • Aptitude tests

The aptitude tests are the most commonly conducted tests for psychometric assessment. The aptitude test contains – Verbal reasoning test, Numerical reasoning test, Logical reasoning test, Diagrammatic test and Inductive reasoning test. The type of aptitude test will depend upon what job category you have applied for. Let us say for e.g. the Inductive and Logical reasoning tests are meant for the candidates who are applying for various IT positions.

  • Skill tests

The skill test is meant to check and understand the skills of a candidate. It also assesses how fast a candidate can grasp new skills or rather how fast it can be developed. These tests are paper-based activities which consist of multiple choice questions.

  • Personality tests

This is among the most important test. This test assesses your personality based on your behaviour. This confirms how you approach a task and how best you complete it. It will also decide how well you can groom yourself in the culture of the company.

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