Pasta- Know about Different Types

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Along with pizza, pasta is another authentic cuisine of Italy. You must have seen pasta in different shapes and different names. Different pasta is used to prepare different types of dishes. Even, there are certain dishes, where a special type of pasta is used to prepare it. Cooking pasta is very easy; you just need to boil water and boil the pasta with them. Serve it with different types of sauces and servings. Usually, pasta is made of flour, but often brown rice pasta is also available at the market. These are healthier than the flour pasta. Apart from flour pasta and brown rice pasta, there is also another type of pasta available. It is buckwheat pasta. It is made of a special type of grass.

Today, you will know about the types of pasta, available easily at the market. Here are the types. If you order at best pasta delivery restaurant, you can taste a variety of recipes.

1.Angel Hair Pasta- The name is quite interesting, right? These are the thinnest types of pasta which can be cooked within 6-7 minutes. As this type of pasta is a bit dainty, you can serve it with soupy-based sauces. Just wrap it around your fork and have the yummy taste.

2.Farfalle- This type of pasta is also known as bow tie pasta because of its look. In Italy, it is also known as butterfly pasta due to its look. If you are following the light diet, and want to have something tasty, a bowl of pasta salad, made of this pasta, meat, and vegetables is awesome.

3.Rotini- This is one of the most popular pasta throughout the world. Two-edged spirals are combined together to make rotini. When cooked in tomato sauce, they taste awesome.

4.Fusilli- Another common type of pasta you can order at a restaurant for having a perfect Italian cuisine. This type of pasta looks like a corkscrew. If you are preparing this one at home, you should boil it for a longer time, almost 13-14 minutes, otherwise, those are sticky.

5.Shells- You can experiment with this shape of pasta. Have you brought big shells from the market? You can stuff those, using meat, chicken or prawn and prepare different dishes. The medium-sized are good enough for casseroles when prepared in meat sauce. You can use the smaller versions in stews and soups.

6.Vermicelli- It means little worms. Actually, it got its name because of its thinner size. Basically, they are rounded strands and looks like spaghetti, but thinner and smaller than that. This is another pasta that is too much famous around the world and cooked in a variety of ways.

7.Penne- These are the cylindrical pasta and takes much time to boil. If you cook them in white cream sauce with vegetables, that tastes yummy.

Here are only seven types of pasta, mentioned. If you call for pasta food delivery. You will get more and more varieties. Try new every time you have pasta. Be creative and prepare tasty sauces at home and cooking pasta at home will be easy enough.

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