Pacing up Field Inspections

Field Inspection is a process in which people are hired to inspect a particular work, such as homes, hospitals, commercial offices and even Ships.
In this, paper, time and manpower, all is invested to the maximum. As the inspection work increases, it would also require more time to put together the captured data from paper to computer and from computer to paper again to be sent out as a completed inspection report.
This increases employment but, at the same time increases expenses too. Its practical, that if we have large number of employees, the expense rate will automatically increase depending upon the number of employees, It is an expensive process also. As you all know that Mobile apps developers are a good medium to work fast and efficiently. So, to decrease our expenses, we can use mobile inspections which make the work perfect. A basic thought is it cuts down the paperwork yet you have all the captured data on the cloud to be retrived or printed any any time.
Mobile field inspection increases inspection productivity during outages by reducing the time to document inspections and streamlining the workflow. Repair work starts faster and allows more repairs to be done during an outage.
With the onset of mobile field inspection solution, inspectors are able to capture inspection over iPad or Tablet even in the offline mode without any internet connectivity.
Once the data is captured and synced with the cloud, specific reports can be generated almost immediately thus saving time and reducing errors. Users can synchronize multiple times during the outage, making data available to all personnel involved in the outage in a timely manner. Any additions to an inspection activity using the web application are synchronized to the mobile handheld device and vice versa.
One such Mobile Inspection solution is Inspectlah.
Inspectlah simplifies and reduces error in entire mobile inspection or audit process thus saving time and money to your entire work-flow.
The forms are created via a backend on the mobile app, coupled with easy to use web administration control and planning tool, you can immediately transform your entire work flow and see real impact and benefits to your business.
With this you essentially take out any processes you do manually and eliminate all paper form tasks.
You can easily create own templates, develop work orders, assign and track inspection jobs, and generate reports and analytics. Inspection records can be captured on the iPad offline and can be sync with the administrator whenever there is internet access. By accessing the control panel on the desktop, you gain complete visibility and status over your organization by analyzing real-time data and reports, and thus allowing you to make quality informed business decisions. Most important you can manage your entire organisation’s projects and scheduling increasing productivity and saves you time and money.

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