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Fresh ingredients, fresh life. Junk ingredients, junk life. That’s the philosophy of the healthy and Eatfit advocates the same.
If you’re always in the rush and don’t manage to find time making salads, maybe ordering healthy salads online is what you need.
Don’t worry, we’re not judging you. Here are a couple of salad online ideas you can try out online that your body will thank you for later!
BBQ Chicken Salad
Sizzling hot barbeque shredded chicken topped with luscious veggies that make your taste buds drool with ecstasy. This one packs protein and nutrition in one bowl and easy to carry to luncheons at work. Throw in tortilla strips and some barbeque sauce or homemade mayo for the ultimate dressing of your desire!
Citrus Chicken with Quinoa Salad
Bursting with flavor and fervor, this salad succulent citrus-rubbed chicken with a dash quinoa, lentils, and roasted bell peppers that make taste buds go oh-la-la! The dressing includes mayo and mustard-flavored Greek vinaigrette and the salad is low in fat but high in protein, undoubtedly an unbeatable superfood for luncheons and evening meals.
Packs 419 calories and 40g of protein.
Nordic Chickpea And Roast Pumpkin Salad
What’s a salad that makes for a scrumptious and hearty meal? It’s this Nordic Chickpea And Roast Pumpkin salad that can be ordered online at the tap of a button right to your workplace or the doorstep of your beloved home. A balsamic date vinaigrette layers roasted pumpkin wedges that top up buckwheat, chickpeas, harlot beans, and pomegranate with mouthwatering feta and honey-caramelized walnut chunks. 17g of protein, 392 calories, and 51g of carbs that leave you energetic and your body fueled throughout the day for more adventures.
Vegetarian Taco Salad
Time to go Mexican in a healthy fashion with this vegetarian taco salad. Made with the goodness of tacos, brown rice, beans, cheese, and scrumptious veggies, this salad will give you a run for your money and leave you feeling full throughout the day. It’s low in calories and saturated fats than your typical Mexican foods, thus allowing for a little afternoon indulgence.
Roasted Corn And Cilantro Salad
A Mexican-inspired salad that reinvents the classics, this salad mingles bold red peppers with jicama with roasted corn kernels that make your taste buds jolt with joy. Very nutritious and ultra delicious. Can be topped with Feta cheese, or Queso fresco for a filling lunch.
Steak Salads
For the meat eaters out there who simply love leftover remakes, steak salads are their true calling. Made with mint-scallion dressing and lemons and anchovies, layer up those steak cuts and heat up lunchtimes with a dose of protein and meaty goodness. Don’t have steak? Why not throw in pork chops or fish cuts for a little creativity?
Try out these salad online items, maybe ask your chef to customize them for a burst of flavor. You can even customize these salads yourself with fruits and whole grains for a creative touch. For the dressing, opt for avocado, homemade bbq sauce, or raw honey rather than convenience store mayo since that’s healthier.
Either way, these salads from Eatfit are power-packed, keep you feeling full throughout the day, and eliminate unhealthy cravings that knock your brain down for a couple rounds of empty calories. Your body will truly thank you for it and if you’re a weight watcher, then that’s even better since these are 500 calories and below.

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