Numerous Job Opportunities for the Architects


Higher studies is all about pursuing the course of one’ passion and interest, since it is will lead the graduate to his/her professional life and secured future. So, it is absolutely essential to choose the under-graduation course program carefully in order to have successful career graph and at the same time the interest to contribute for the positive development of the industry. If you have the passion and interest to design structures and infrastructures, then you should definitely pursue architecture, as offered by the renowned institutes of the country like, the Architecture engineering college in Uttarakhand. This particular course program offers numerous job opportunities and at the same time allows you to contribute for the positive development of the society. However, if you are not aware of the opportunities that this course program can offer, then we are here to assist you.

Below, some of the job profiles of an architect are discussed that will help you to decide for your career.

Landscape Architect

These professionals usually get involved in designing outdoor landscapes such as infrastructures, public areas, etc. in order to bind the urban and rural spaces and also responding to globalization and climate change. They look after environmental restoration, storm water management and so on.

Urban Planner                   

The urban environment has a dynamic state and this makes it an interesting career path for the architects. They work on the sustainable development which is a huge responsibility and a challenging task, as it requires adaptability and problem solving capability on a large scale.

Research Architect

With the advancement of technology, these professionals are now using digital design which changed the mode of expression and representation to a great extent. Such constant changes and improvements allows the architects to conduct new researches, especially focusing on the new methods that will enhance the work process.


It is one of the best professions, as for these professionals can pass on their knowledge and experience to the future generation who can accordingly contribute for the positive development of the society. In fact, it is a two way learning process- the teachers can share the concept of the subjects and at the same time can learn from the students as well and accordingly can take the civilized society into the next level.

Industrial Designer 

Industrial design also has a branch for the architects, since it has close creative ties with architecture. Nevertheless, this particular branch focuses on smaller scale objects of mass production.

Apart from the above discussed job profiles; there are various other areas where these professionals can contribute their knowledge and skill sets. But, in order to get enrolled into the reputed institute like, the B. Arch College in Uttarakhand or for that matter anywhere else in the country, you must complete your 12th grade in the science stream with the minimum percentage required, followed by other fixed norms.

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