Never Mess with Brain tumours: These are Deadly!


There are different types of tumours out there that can be deadly. Talking about brain tumours, they come in all the shapes and sizes. There are plenty of symptoms of these brain tumours. The tumour has everything to do with the area wherein it is developing. For example, in case you have a tumour near part of the brain that controls the arm or your eyesight, the symptoms might include limb weakness or blurred vision.

If you are a lay man and you have no clue about how these symptoms can be observed or you want to know about brain tumour treatments then you should look out for Brain tumour specialty hospital in India. There are specialists that can control the tumour if you get it diagnosed well in time. Actually a main brain tumour is one that stems in the brain. It is important to know that all primary brain tumours are not cancerous. These benign tumours are not destructive and normally do not scatter to surrounding tissues but these can be severe and even life threatening.

Tumour: What is it?

A tumour is a mass of tissue that gets formed by a build-up of abnormal cells. Generally the cells in body die age and are replaced by fresh cells. With cancer and other tumours, something or the other disrupts the cycle. Tumour cells do grow even though body does not require them and unlike normal old cells, these don’t die. As the process continues, the tumour goes on to grow as more and more cells are attached to the mass.

The main brain tumours emerge from the diverse cells that structure the brain and central nervous system. These are named for the type of cell wherein they first form. The commonest kind of adult brain tumours are like gliomas as in astrocytic tumours.  These are the tumours that form from astrocytes and other kinds of glial cells. These are the cells that help keep nerves fit and healthy. The second most common kind of adult brain tumours are known as meningeal tumours. These grow in the meninges, the narrow layer of tissue that cloaks the brain and spinal cord.

A few of the symptoms of Brain Tumour in Adults

Symptoms of brain tumours differ as per the kind of tumour and the place. As different areas of the brain take cares of the different functions of body, the tumour lies affects the way signs are manifested. There are some tumours that have no symptoms till they are quite huge and then cause a severe, rapid decline in the health. Other tumours might have symptoms that develop gradually. A common early symptom of a brain tumour is headaches. Often, these headaches don’t respond to general headache remedies. Keep in mind that most of the headaches are unconnected to brain tumours.  There can be other symptoms too like Seizures, changes in hearing or speech, Changes in vision, problem in balancing, walking issues and so on.


So, if you feel that you are facing any symptoms of brain tumour; don’t hesitate to check out the list of brain tumour hospitals in India. Visit the doctor and be sure!


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