Necessary Workout Plan For MMA Trainee


Almost every professional sportsman spends few hours in gym doing workout to maintain his fitness and to boost his stamina and strength of mussels. However when it comes to fight sports, workout becomes critically important. Even a fight sports person should spend twice of time in gym than any other sportsman. For a MMA fighter the objective of workout is a bit different. MMA fighter do gym to make their mussels strong and to increase their stamina so they don’t lose stamina during fight. The workout plan for a MMA fighter is also quite different than usual exercise. In this article I am trying to cover basic outlines of a workout plan of MMA fighter.
Station 1
The station 1 is usually a warm-up workout station which is used to warm up your body and to boost your heartbeat so you can effectively carryon your gym. It starts from pushups. You can do as many pushups as many you can easily do. For a newbie there must be fifteen to twenty pushups however if you are a pro then you can reach 50 to 100 pushups. Second warm up exercise is jumping jacks.  It warm ups your whole leg mussels. The last one exercise is bench dips which is for your arms. Once you have done it your warm-up exercise is complete.
Station 2
On station 2 you perform exercises to build your stamina so your body can survive in extreme conditions. The stamina building exercises can be different. The common exercises to build stamina are Goblet Squat, Triceps Press, Bicep Curls etc. These all exercises involve dumbbells. You can choose weight of dumbbells according to your physical condition. These exercises not only help you to build stamina but also give a shape to your body.
Station 3
Station 3 exercises are mainly focused on empowering your complete body mussels so in these exercises you must include the workout which focus on your complete body mussels. These exercises may include chin up, rope up, band pulls etc. Another objective of these exercises is to make your grip strong.  According to professional trainers your most of the workout time should be spend at station 3 so all the exercises you perform at this station are very important and core of your workout plan.
These are few guidelines to perform workout as a mma fighter. The other mma training workout like punching bag sparring and ring practice is spare from this workout. For further guidance you can consider consulting your personal trainer.

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