Make Your Home Smart- Install Automated Lighting System

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This is the world of smart work, smart phones and now the word smart homes is also heard and talked about a lot these days. Ever wondered what makes these homes smart?

A smart home is one, where the entire lighting system of the house is controlled and managed from one point. And such a control is possible from within the house and even outside the house.

Automated lighting control systems collect information using sensors like the lighting sensors, door sensors, rain sensors, motion sensors and then evaluates the data collected. Thus, it helps in managing the routine tasks, and makes the home more secure by informing if there is something unusual happening in the house, with the help of alarms and similar equipment.

The lighting system forms a very important part of the smart home concept and it is impossible to make the home smart without the automation of the lighting system.

What does a lighting controller system do?

This type of system can easily detect any motion near the installed area and turns on the light immediately. The light control circuit is connected to the motion dedicator sensor. The lighting controller is triggered by the motion sensor with the help of a relay whenever it detects a motion within its area of control.

How does it help?

  • When you enter a room, automatically the lights will turn on. As experienced, it is often very difficult to manage to reach to the switch board in a dark room. A smart lighting system will save you from such a situation.
  • When there is a person near the boundary of your house, the lights will turn on. The incidents of robbery can reduce this way. This also helps when you return late from office and there is no light and you struggle to find your keys.
  • When you go out for a vacation, a smart lighting system which switches on and off as per the timings of the day plays magic. The intruders will never be able to make out that you are not at home and your home will remain safe, allowing you to enjoy your trip with your family. The timings can also be set or some smart lighting system works depending on the natural light.Such lights will switch off as the sun rises and will switch on when the sun sets.

A few shortcomings

Every coin has two sides. Each innovation has its own pros and cons. The disadvantage of sensor lightings is that when there is no movement in the room, the lights will switch off. For instance, you are reading a book and finally you doze off on your couch, the lighting system will consider that there is no body in the room and the lights will go off. And then you might have to use your hands to waive and again try to switch on the lights.

A smart light controller should be good enough to switch off the light step by step instead of a sudden cut off.

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