The luxurious trains in India those redefine travelling


We have all travelled to luxurious places and probably even stayed at posh hotels, but it is only few people who travel luxuriously. Travelling on a train, in itself, is a happy event. But travelling in the best possible train is what some of us do. India is a land that connects with the help of railways. There are hundreds of trains from and to its important cities and towns. But, there are a handful of royal trains that are a class apart. Needless to say, these trains cost you unimaginably high. But the service given is also incredible.

Here are some of trains that refine luxury travelling –

The Deccan Odyssey

The royal blue train attracts you at the first sight. It is not just a train, it gives a feeling that you are on a regal chariot. The train schedule includes journey from Mumbai and Delhi. The train has everything that will allow you 5-star indulgence. It boasts of lavish cabins, grand dining hall, pleasant seating areas and wonderful service. The train is managed by the Taj Group of Hotels, and it reflects the grandeur of the life and times of the Maharajas during the 16th century. Deccan Odyssey has everything in it, multi-cuisine restaurants, great chefs, good food, comfortable cabins, spa service and other contemporary facilities. The trip will cost you about 4.27 Lakh rupees.

The Golden Chariot –

True to its name, the Golden Chariot is made up to feel like you are in a royal chariot. It is an initiative of the Karnataka State Tourism Board. The train travels from Bangalore to many World Heritage Sites like Mysore, Hampi and Badami. Breakfast in bed, tasty food, massages, wonderful service and scenic view from the window, what more do you need to make your journey memorable? There are 11 guest cabins, each named after the ruling dynasties. The interiors are done according to Mysore style. This train journey will cost you more than 16,000 per night.

The Maharajas’ Express

The train has been chosen as the “World’s Leading Luxury Train” by the World Travel Awards for 6 consecutive years. What more proof do you need to know that this is the most wonderful and royal experience that you can ever have. There are eight grand tours of India, where you can see forts, landscapes, palaces, and heritage properties. The imperial train has presidential suites that can shame the most premium hotel rooms in the world. The train runs from Delhi in the north and Trivandrum in the south. It may cost you more than 3.97 Lakhs.

Palace on Wheels

This is the first among the luxury trains in India. This train defined luxury for travellers in India. This train was originally used by the Nizams of Hyderabad, kings of Rajputana and Gujarat. Managed by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, this train attracts both Indians as well as foreign visitors. You can go around Rajasthan in this train for 3.63 Lakh rupees.

Trains have come a long way from running on steam engines to offering world class service like a five-star hotel. If ever you want to experience life in king size, then you must travel in these trains.


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