Why Loose Tea Forms are Preferred Over the Tea Bags?


You can easily get the loose tea forms in bulk in the form of leaves. On the other hand, the tea bags are ready-to-steep tea containers. These are generally sold in specific boxes and are packaged in cloth or paper. Both these terms are associated with herbal teas as well as Camellia sinensis plant.

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages of both the types so that you can make up your mind when you are out there buying tea.

Advantages of Tea Bags:

 The biggest advantage associated with the ready to use tea bags is the convenience associated with these. These are perfect for all those tea lovers who are constantly on a move. The best part is that there is no hassle of brewing the leaves to enjoy a cup of tea. All that you need to do is get some boiled water and you are good to go. There is no complex step involved like the use of the tea infusers or strainer. Also, these turn out to be a blessing in disguise for all those people who do not much idea about brewing loose forms. You can get the bags easily from the local supermarket and can also be purchased online without any hassle.

Why loose tea is considered a better option?

 Well, the answer is very simple. These leaves are bigger in size and hence they offer better taste and aroma. There is no need to pay extra for the packaging as you are buying the loose varieties. The packing process is quite resource intensive. On the other hand, you get the loose forms in bulk and there is no packaging involved.

So buying it turns out to be a better deal. Also, if you are bothered about the environment, you get another reason to go for the loose varieties. Buy Loose Tea Online and contribute to the environment in a positive manner. You will be generating lesser waste as well as material input from its production.

Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea Varieties:

  • Affordability – We already know by now that the tea bags turn out to be more expensive due to the packaging process. So buy loose tea and cut down on the extra expenditure.
  • Better Quality – You get to explore from more varieties in the loose forms. Also, in comparison to the tea bags, these taste and smell much better. As you will be brewing the larger leaves you get to enjoy unmatched flavour.
  • Increased control over the strength of brewing – With the ready to use tea bags, you are basically restricting the quantity of leaf. This is not the case with the loose forms. You can use as much quantity as you want and get the desired strength. There are a lot people who enjoy this flexibility.
  • Easy to compost – The best part is that it is very easy to compost the loose leave forms. On the other hand, the bags take a longer time to decompose.

Simple tips for shifting from tea bags to the loose tea:

You can conveniently brew the loose tea in a teapot and then pour through a strainer. You can buy those strainers that are available especially for this purpose. You can also opt for those teapots that come with built-in filters. Also, you can go for the stainless steel basket infusers. These come with a teapot of mug. Tea ball is another convenient alternative. You need to ensure that your leaves get enough space for expansion. You can check out from the several accessories and choose as per your requirement and budget.

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