Let The knobs Be In A Designer Style And Match Your Preferences-

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While renovating the old property or decorating the new house, there are certain things that looks too easy to be done but needs proper attention to have them the best. The small decorative details can bring a large amount of difference where the furniture and its fixtures are the important tricky aspects which though seem very simple to buy might ask for great considerations.

Talking about door and cabinet knobs they come in a variety like the surface mounted door knobs, iron door knobs, glass door knobs, etc. where one can even buy hollow cabinet knobs as per the taste and liking.

Things you need to know – Before selecting any type of knob there are certain important points to be taken into consideration like-

  • Size of the knobDepending upon the type of the door i.e. internal and external of the door, the presence of the knob can be chosen. If the diameter of the door and its purpose of opening and closing are too important then in such cases large diameter door knobs should be fixed for great convenience. On a modern standard door the general size of the knob which is used is 50mm diameter knob that looks even perfect on it.
  • Material and finishing The door knobs come in different materials like brass, nickel, chrome, wood, glass, iron, etc, where the choice entirely depends on the personal preferences. Some door knobs also add colors to the door for e.g. having a picture of a small butterfly on the knob makes it look different, beautiful and attractive. The most popular material of knob used generally is the brass knobs that have superior finish with a longer durability.
  • Spring or un-spring door knobsThe latch mechanism inside the knob consist of spring that helps in turning the knob and opening it with ease. Other un-sprung knobs are generally placed at the door where the purpose of the knob is only to move the door easily.
  • Lock or latch knobs There are a number of door knobs that also have lock facility in them. Such knobs require a deeper setback than the door handles. The mechanism fitted in the knob has locking facility which also functions properly for opening and closing the door.
  • Purpose of the knob The knobs for the doors is different to that of the cabinets and so on. The simple rustic designs of the knobs are best suitable for kitchen cabinets. Such knobs one can buy hollow cabinet knobs online matching them with the kitchen fixtures and colors. On the other hand, if the purpose of the knob is to open a door, it has to be solid and sturdy enough to handle the pressure while opening and closing the door.

The knobs come in a variety. Keeping in mind the above action points, the particular designer knobs can be selected and purchased. Hope you can find the right one for your requirement. The door knobs can also be purchased via online stores that offer great styles and that too at affordable prices.

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