Knowing In Details How Splankna Therapy Has Given More Assertiveness to Practitioners


Splankna is a Christian method of treatment that has helped many people get cured and many people has got cured of nightmares and phobias. What does nightmare infer? In certain persons, they might have faced some bad experience during their childhood and this would act as a trauma.

The subconscious mind would act as a catalyst and would ensure that these images come again and come again. For example, certain people would see snake coming in their dream and biting them and this would be because they had faced snake attack in their early days. This would trigger a chain of reaction inside body and mind would feel bad about it.

Addiction is anointer area that gets treated and there are many types of addiction. Certain people would be resorting to drugs to ensure that they forget their past traumas and this would affect their thinking process and would endanger their lives.

Different methods of Splankna treatment compared with other complimentary methods

Key difference to Splankna therapy is that there is an attachment to god with this therapy and this would benefit healing process. Many people have been satisfied when spiritual side has been attached and there has been change in the emotional control in the sub conscious mind due to this.

There would be passing of Christ gift with this method and this would ensure that there has been cases when clients has felt that other people are receptive. There has been removal of bad energy that has been surrounding people and there has been snapping of ties with the past that has bogged down many clients.

There have been many people who had nightmares when they had seen terrorist attack from close quarters and they have benefited by undertaking these therapy. The trauma of facing death at close quarters and the sympathy and anger that is getting tied in the body is removed and the person is made more positive to change life.

There has been a person who has felt that god has taken over their anxiety and they have felt that their life has changed for better. There has been change in relationship between mother and teenage daughters and sons and there has been more understanding of things.

Many people have admired the fact that God would bring a change in relationship and there has been positive attitude that has helped people cope with stress.

Guilt is something more dangerous and this can affect future life. Assume that a driver got involved in a car accident and a person was killed and there would be trauma.

The person should be given a Christian therapy whereby which God should intervene and should guide the person forward. There are depressions and angers that have been reduced with this therapy and this has helped people to forgive others and live on.

Splankna Therapy has benefited people to say no to things which they should not be doing and the therapy has benefited with assertiveness with things to be done. There are moments when past guilt has been removed and people have become positive.

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