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Indie Bands that prove Indie Music is more than just Bollywood


I have often observed and appreciated the magical powers of music. Last week I walked into my gym and it was filled with people brooding over grim issues and worrying endlessly about family, career and all that the future entails. The overall vibe of the room was pretty negative. I started playing some good music and was surprised to see the transformation in the ambiance of the room. Within moments, people started humming the melody and the frowns in their foreheads gave way to a gleaming, cheerful and child-like smile. According to the best-selling novelist Aldous Huxley, “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” I guess, it was this therapeutic quality of music which instantly transported people from the cave of darkness to a plane of light and happiness.

All music lovers would unanimously agree with me that music is definitely not limited to Bollywood. A true music aficionado would not let Bollywood stop him from experiencing the vast ocean of blissful melodies that is out there. Beyond the noise of Bollywood, it’s the popular, talented and hard-working Independent artists who have created their identity and carved out their well-deserved space. Today let’s discuss some Independent bands that have proved that Indie Music is so much more than Bollywood.

#1. The F16s

This magnetic group of alt/electro/rock band from Chennai is famous for their drool worthy tracks and groovy riffs. They have created an impressive fan-following in the country. This band was formed in August 2012 and has since then delivered some compelling tracks for all of us. Check out their latest track right here.

#2. Maati Baani

This husband wife duo – from Mumbai has melted hearts and broken boundaries ever since their inception. Their music speaks volumes about their free-spirited nature, deeply rooted culture, insatiable love and varied taste in music. “Maati Baani”, literally translated as – “The Language of The Earth” fuses Indian Classical Music with sounds across all genres. Listen to one of their melodies hits right here.

#3. Parvaaz

A perfect amalgamation of North and south Indian band members, – Parvaaz makes music that reflects this fusion. A gorgeous combination of Urdu and Hindi lyrics their tracks are wonderfully crafted and insanely captivating. This Bangalore based group of youthful and passionate musicians holds expertise in independent rock with drops of Indian melodies. Listen to one of their mind-blowing creative works right here and get lost in the mesmerizing melodies that shows the brilliant fusion of Kashmiri poetry and South-Indian beats.

#4. Rini

Rini or Harini S Raghavan isn’t one of those singers whom you can forget at once. This Chennai based musical prodigy went to Berkley College of Music in an attempt to expand her musical skills beyond the glitzy world of Bollywood. Harini is a trained Carnatic musician who fuses Indian classical with rock and electronica along with her talented band mates. Check out here musical brilliance right here.

#5. Pakshee

Pakshee is a Delhi based band that has blown our minds and swept our hearts with their skilful fusion of jazz, rock, Pop, funk along with Hindustani classical music. The gifted band members hail from different parts of the country namely –Kerala, Delhi, Punjab and Maharashtra and inevitable create tracks with myriad of cultural and lingual colours. Their music videos have coveted attention-grabbing ability which is quite hard to miss. Let music brush aside your stress as you listen to this fresh hit from the band right here.

#6. Abiogenesis

This Nagaland based artists are not just musicians but also inventors. They are the only band in the world to plays the wind instrument – bamhum. They claim their sound as a kind of global music called, “Howey Music”. Having performed at coveted venues across the world, this band has created an identity of energetic performances and lively acts. Grab your headphones and listen to one of their magnetic creations right here.

#7. TP

TP Band has performed in a myriad of concerts and movie soundtracks that range from classical to pop. The band invites artists who are proficient in wind or percussion instruments to get trained and be a part of their ensembles. Listen to one of the top-trending hits of the band right here.

#8. Raghu Dixit Project

One of the biggest names in the country this folk band from Bangalore has got a significant role to play in bringing the indie music scene to prominence in the country. Widely renowned for their colourful lungis and happy music this Kannada band has performed in more than 30 countries and 1500 concerts. Their unique endeavour to take the traditional Kannada poetry and fuse them with global sound has fetched them an envious fan-following across the world. Listen to one of tracks and brim yourself with the happy vibes of the band.

Hence these were some of the most special bands who are enriching the Indie music scene in the country. Their stellar fan-following and praise-worthy tracks have already swoon millions of music lovers across the world. Move beyond the usual humdrum of Bollywood and give a chance to these musicians to add the trill of exciting indie melody in your lives.

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