Ideal candidates for laser assisted liposuction


Liposuction in Dubai and around the world is among the painstaking procedures to shed fat in the areas that fails going away even after stricter diet and exercises. The technology has come a long way now offering many different procedures to melt away the fat.
One such is laser assisted lipo also known as laser fat reduction which is a non-invasive procedure to burn unwanted fat while keeping the skin tight due to the production of collagen, a skin-based protein. It’s a much safer alternative to the traditional procedure however; some surgeons perform the surgery using combined methods, bearing safer, better and far more effective results.
To take an informed decision, have a look at qualities of a candidate regarded perfect to undergo liposuction in Dubai.
A normal body weight
Although laser assisted method sounds like a quick fix for the obese, it isn’t practiced on such patients instead; it’s for individuals already in good health having specific fatty areas that resisted all diet and workout.
Here, it’s worth noting that lipo whether laser-based or any other isn’t to completely fix or cure obesity. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons cites that all such procedures are to contour areas of the body that are unresponsive to diet and exercise for instance a potbellied stomach or saddlebags. Ideal candidates must be within 20-percent of their original body weight.
Good health
A typical patient or subject for laser lipolysis must be slim, in good health that is not suffering from any other skin-based, chronic or any other disease and have visible isolated pockets of removable fat.
The National Society of Plastic Surgeons enlisted minor side-effects of the treatment such as swelling, numbness, bruising and minimal bleeding that self-heals or treated via special gels and creams. This is the reason liposuction in Dubai is performed on patients in good health to minimise complications.
Most of the experienced surgeons don’t prefer the surgery to patients in their 60s or above due to issues such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes or hypertension. Others are patients who’ve previously underwent chemotherapy, already taking antiretroviral medications and patients suffering with liver ailments. Due to impaired lidocaine metabolism and lidocaine toxicity, the risk of surgery is far greater in these patients.
Besides just the complication of the surgery, even if the treatment is being performed, the time spent in surgeon’s office is increased asking for much patience and timely follow-ups.
Female candidates mustn’t be expecting
Much like many other medical procedures, female patients who’re expecting mothers are advised not to undergo any such cosmetic surgeries and treatments just for extra safety. After delivery, the surgeon would decide whether it’s safe to perform the procedure or not so always consult with the surgeon prior to the treatment.
Specific areas
As laser lipolysis targets particular area of the body, it’s crucial that patients have problems specific to the location. In-short, it isn’t a complete cure-all solution whereas some of the devices are designed to target certain areas such as abdomen and the buttocks. Abdomen, arms, bottoms, neck, thighs, knees, ankles and waist are areas where laser lipo is usually performed.
Provided above are a few characteristics of candidates willing to undergo laser liposuction in Dubai.

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