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How to Wear a Graduation Gown and Cap


During the University of Tasmania or UTAS graduation, you may have a lot of things to deal with. This can make you forget the purpose of graduation. A lot of people get confused when wearing a graduation gown. Reading our tips in advance will save you for the next graduation.

Tips for men

Men should wear khakis or dark trousers, a shirt that is pressed neatly and light coloured, dark tie and dark socks underneath their academic gown. You should never wear shorts, jeans and tennis shoes underneath your gown. You should wear the cap flat on your head. Make sure that the gown falls midway between the ankle and the knee. This means that you should be very careful when choosing the gown to avoid choosing the wrong size.

Wear tassels on the right side and then shift them to the left side when graduates get their certificates. During the National Anthem and the school song, men are advised to remove caps but the gown remains intact. One can get UTAS graduation gown on hire easily.

Tips for women

Women should put on dark socks, a skirt or a dress and light-coloured dress blouse underneath their gown. The shoes should be dark. You should not wear high heels because of comfort and safety. It is recommended to wear pumps or flats. You should never wear tennis shoe or sandals.

Women should also wear the cap flat on the head just like men. The graduation gown should reach between the ankle and the knee just like men. During the UTAS graduation ceremony wear tassels on the right side. You should then have them shifted to the left side when the graduates start receiving their certificates. Women are permitted to wear caps when the anthem is being sung or conducted. They can also remove them if they want to. These tips will be helpful during your next graduation.

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