Heart Throbbing Natural Sceneries of Dominica


Dominica has always been amongst the top rated tourist attractions as it’s astonishingly abandoned with breath-taking natural sceneries. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons as to why many even apply for the Dominica citizenship so that this places is as close as home to them. Being able to live at such an exotic place without any legal restrictions is no less than a pearl. In fact, Dominica is really popular across the globe for being finely jeweled with plethora of natural gifts like highest mountains, volcanic landscapes, rivers, lakes waterfalls, gorges, lush rainforests and steamy hot springs.

Having enticingly fused with the French, British and West Indies Culture, Dominica is a home to Largest Carib Indian Community in the Eastern Caribbean. So let’s check-in to discover some stunning natural splendors of Dominica;
MorneTrois Pitons National Park
No less than an ornamental view of Dominica, MorneTrois Pitons National Park encompasses much of the Island’s mountainous interior. This amazing park is a primordial rainforest that mainly ranges from thick jungle from wild orchids and giant ferns to the gorgeous cloud forest to the upper slopes.
Boiling Lake
As good as the boiling water in a naturally carved giant utensil, the Boiling Lake happens to be the most attractive spot for tourists. This lake showcases the flabbergasting yet astounding view of a bubbling pool with a grey-green water. Since great things aren’t that easy to achieve, it takes over 3 hours hike through thick forest to reach this beautiful lake. Geologists have also confirmed that this boiling lake having 63 Meter Diameter is the second largest lake of this world.
Victoria Falls
In case you are applying for the Dominica citizenship, you are actually heading towards the finest set of photogenic spot. Formed by the white river falling over the cliff, Victoria Falls is another breath taking natural asset of Dominica. This water fall mainly showcases the milky white color because of the minerals in it that eventually falls into a warm pool. Undoubtedly, this amazing water fall is worth seeing. It’s going to cost you some a pair of wear water shoes with firm grip and 40 minutes hike to get to the perfect view of the Victoria Falls.
Cabrits National Park
Preserving the thriving coral reefs, black-sand beaches and lush rain forests, the Cabrits National Park in the Northwest Dominica is the most enticing tourists’ attraction. Exhibiting the panoramic views for the high altitude, the reef offers thrilling diving and snorkeling opportunities. This park also has some historical background as well. In 18th Century, Archeologists found the remains of the Fort Shirley in this Park.
In a nutshell, this park is simply no less than a paradise for the tourists what are more inclined towards discovering natural spots. Apart from tourists, there are a lot of people who prefer to have this as a place to be for the lifetime. Out of those, many have even applied for the Dominica citizenship as it’s such an amazing place to live.
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