A Look At Head Mannequins & Stand Alone Body Parts


Visual or retail merchandising is the most important and most used marketing strategy in the retail world. It is very effective in boosting the retail business. There are some products which make this marketing technique very crucial, the products are mannequins, display forms, fixtures, racks, head mannequin and stand alone body parts of these life sized dummies. While full body dummy is normally used to display clothes and accessories in window displays, stand alone body parts and mannequin heads are used to display jewelry and other fashion accessories more attractively. Let’s have a detailed look at these body parts of human replicas.
Stand alone body parts of human dummies are mostly made with same materials with which full sized dolls are made. They are used to create more engaging and unique display scenes for fashion accessories like watches, rings, bands etc. There are many types of these body parts, some commonly used are arms, hands, full length and short length arms. They are mostly made with fiberglass and plastic to give very natural look, having jointed attachments fingers of hands, ankle and wrists can be bent into any position. This gives them more appealing and creative look.

Mannequin heads are mostly used to by jewelers to display their art work in more visually attracting and unique way. They are also used by retailers and fashion outlets to showcase different types of accessories like hats, wigs, sunglasses and other products which are used with dresses. There are many stores which deal in accessories only, so apart from using full sized dummies they can use these stand alone body parts of these human replicas or head mannequins. The advantage of using them is that they carry less space. There are different types among these products as there are in display dummies. They are mostly classified in shapes as egg shaped or life shaped while the material of production also makes a difference in their types. Some types come with sculpted features which give it a more detailed and life like look. This can help buyers determine easily about how it will look onto a human. Artistic features can also grab the attention of the buyers and persuade them to have a deeper and closer look. Some retail stores also use wigs with their dummies to give a more realistic look to their buyers.
There are many advantages of using these stand alone parts instead of full sized models. The most important edge they have over full body dolls is that they are much cheaper. Another advantage is that they carry less space. They also help retailers in increasing up selling of the store by creating point of sale displays. Buyers usually stay idle while checkout and this is the place where you can use these models to persuade them to buy some more products.
The other thing is where to find these parts. As mannequins for sale can be found very easily in local markets and online, mannequin heads for sale can also be easily bought from there. Many vendors sell their products online.

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