How to give red rose as a gift

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Let’s accept it; red roses are the best gift that you can give to any one for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just a celebration, you can give red roses at just any occasion. Also, as the red roses are inexpensive and can easily be bought, they will qualify to be the most convenient gift that you can think have when you have not planned anything else.

But, if you go on giving red roses to everyone during all occasions, it becomes predictable. Don’t worry, because the red roses can be revamped and can be given to your loved ones in many different forms. Here are some ideas that you can use the next time you want to give your loved one red rose –

Bouquet –

All right, this is an old idea. But, have you ever seen this not work? You can’t deny that flowers have that magical power to bring smiles even on the most unexpected faces. It is not necessary that you give the traditional bouquets. There are many new and trendy types of bouquets available in the market ad you can splurge your money on them. For that extra effect, you can send red roses online and add a note or a box of chocolates along with the flowers.

Dried flowers –

Why should you always give fresh flowers? Why can’t you go offbeat and present someone with dried red roses. However, the fresh ones will dry away in a few days. So, if you give dried ones, they can be preserved carefully. Here is how you can give dried flowers. Bring home a bunch of fresh red roses. Keep each stem of flowers in between the pages of a heavy book. Aver a week, the flowers will dry, but the essence will remain. You can them tie up all the stems careful, place them inside a frame and give the piece that can be hung on the wall.

Love in a jar –

How beautiful is the idea of keeping ones love inside a jar, placing it on your bedside table and staring at it when you miss the person? It would be such a lovely idea. All you have to do is buy a mason jar, fresh red roses and begin putting the roses inside the jar. Let the flowers dry for some days. You can cut of the stems and put in only the roses. Write a love note and stick it like a label on the jar. You can also date the jar at the bottom. This is certainly going to be a unique gift.

Bed of roses –

If you are living with the person whom you want to gift roses, then you can try this brilliant idea. Pluck the petals of red roses and throw them on the floor to make a pathway of roses. As soon as the person enters, they will be walking on a bed of roses. You can also fill their bathtub with rose petals and their bed with it too.

These are some ways you can impress your loved one with red roses.

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