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  • Digital printing revolutionising the printing industry
  • It can help to achieve economy of scale and increase output
  • A wide variety of digital printing technology available in the market
  • Right mode of finance for digital printing technology

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is the latest invention in the line of printing technology to make things faster, sharper and more beautiful to look at. It is printing a digital based image directly to a large variety of media.

Digital printing is usually costlier than other older printing methods like offset, but the higher price is compensated by the non-requirement of the printing plates that are involved in traditional printing. The other advantages of digital printing are its on-demand printing, short turnaround time and modification of the image used for each impression. 

Types of digital printing machines 

Fine art ink jet printers: These types of printers print from a computer image file directly to an ink jet printer as a final output. At first these types of printers were limited to glossy papers, but later on with increasing modification of them it started allowing a variety of papers from traditional and non-traditional media.

An important example of the modified ink jet printer is the IRIS printer that was the standard of digital printing for long. But now that has been taken over by upper scale printers by other manufacturers like Epson and HP using fade resistant pigment based and solvent based inks and also archival substrates particularly made for fine art printing.

Ink jet printing in general is more expensive per print but at the same time it is saving on the printing plate set up as well as marketing and storage requirements as needed in large four-color offset printers.

Other advantages of digital ink jet printers are that it allows total control of production, superior color correction, individual printing and sale of reproductions as per demand and production of digital art of all types as finished items or an important part of a bigger piece of art.                       

Laser printers: Here digital images are exposed on true and light sensitive photographic paper with lasers and are then processed in photographic developers and fixers. They are true photographs with a continuous tone of image detail. The archival quality of it is the same as the manufacturer’s rating for a given photo paper used. Large format prints have a big advantage of no vignette or detail distortion in the image corners due to lack of lens.

Digital printing is on an all-time high with new digital printing machines. At par with offset printing in quality or even better, with personalized short runs on-demand and cost-effectiveness it is soon to eclipse traditional printing.

Digital printing technology is costly. But that must not stop you from getting the best for your printing business. Bajaj Finserv offers business loans which are ideal for financing such technological upgrades and modernization. With the wider variety of borrower friendly features, this is the perfect financing vehicle for your business.

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