How to Get into Google 3 Pack?


This august, there was a major change in Google search engine result display. To be precise, it is in the local search results. The listing of results was modified slightly. But, this slight change can have major implications on some of the businesses. Earlier, there was a local 7-pack which showed seven local results of any business you typed. But, now there are only 3 businesses featured, leading to the much talked local 3-pack. Thus, the competition has been intensified. This change is certainly going to influence local visibility and traffic for businesses, especially small scale ones.


When there were seven results, there was a chance for any business to just squeeze in and make it to the pack without even performing well. But, with the numbers reducing, only the best performers will win the place.

The other changes include –

Not mentioning the phone numbers and exact addresses for the listings. Only the name of the street is shown for any business. Prospective customers are not going to get contact information of your business straight away, but will have to search for it.

Also, all links to Google My Business pages are removed. Even the local cards that popped up as you scrolled down the 7 pack listing are now hidden. If you click on a listing, a new search view with a map opens. Surely, this move will affect local businesses that depend on Google for recognition and exposure.

Here is how you can balance your business and maintain unique content that will help you stay in the 3- pack –

As most of the local searches are done on mobile devices, whether your company’s name appears in their search will depend on their search query along with their current location and your website’s on-page and off-page optimization. You need to have perfect On-Page Optimization to be on the top. Mention the exact location of your business on Google. This way, if anyone is searching for services related to yours near you, they will see your website on the top. If your business has multiple locations, dedicate different pages for all, so that they get individual attention. Use an embedded Google map in each of these pages.

Optimize your Google maps. Mention your business hours so that it is displayed on your Google Maps listing.

Use directory submission services that automatically submit your NAP data into various business directories.Just make sure that your business information is not tied to spams in low quality directories. Submit information to only relevant directories. You must enter your business name, address and phone number in the same way as it appears on your website without any changes. This is to avoid multiple listings.

Submit your business to local review websites. It is a welcome free exposure that your small business needs. Encourage your customers to leave good reviews on these websites.

Getting more links will help so contact the best internet marketing company in India. Analyse the websites of businesses that are ranked in Google 3-pack to know what works. Then implement it in your business and website.

Take the necessary steps to be in the 3 pack of Google.

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