Five Early Signs of Lung Cancer

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We can never feel completely safe from developing any kind of cancer. But we by identifying the signs early and taking preventive measures we can significantly lower our chances of receiving that horrifying diagnosis.

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In the case of lung cancer, identifying any symptoms is rather difficult in early stages. And early stages are when you really want to find out about them and nip them in the bud, so to speak. The technology which allows for deeper insight into the respiratory system is still very much in development. Among the cutting edge of this technology are devices like the preclinical scanner which essentially a 4D CT scanner with much a lot more sensitive.
But before we let the doctors do a check-up, let us go through some of the symptoms that can alert you to the possibility of having lung cancer and treat it in time.

A Cough That Just Will Not Die

If you are coughing as a result of the common cold or some temporary infection, you can expect it to last a few weeks, tops. But a cough that seems to linger on for none of the usual reasons is definitely grounds for concern. It does not matter if or not there is lot of phlegm involved, have some test run over your lungs and find out the underlying cause. It could be lung cancer and the earlier you find out the better. Change in cough

Noticeable Changes in Your Cough

Even though you may not have consciously paid attention the way you cough, you should be able to identify when the nature of your cough changes. If it lasts longer than usual and sounds a lot more sinister, and if you are choking up blood and excessive amounts of phlegm, you have every reason to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Noticeable Changes in Breathing

Having lung cancer developing inside you can make breathing more strained. For instance, it can obstruct or tighten an airway or leaking fluids from the tumour can become concentrated in your chest. If you find yourself short of breath and you cannot attribute it to old age, there is only one thing for it. Make an appointment with your doctor and find out what’s what?

You Are Wheezing

Wheezing is the result of airways being blocked, inflamed, or narrowed. This symptom is not a dead ringer for lung cancer. It is usually the result of less serious medical conditions that can be treated more swiftly. Nevertheless, there is still an ever present threat of lung cancer that should not be taken lightly.

Pain in the Chest, Shoulders and Back

Any kind of pain in these areas is definitely a symptom associated with lung cancer. It is best to consult your doctor and describe the pain in as much detail as you can. For instance, what type of pain was it? Was it acute dull or some other kind? Was it only a particular part of the body or a broader area?
The symptoms are relatively subtle but can be very telling as to whether or not you are unfortunate enough to have gotten lung cancer. In addition to identifying these symptoms early on, take care to look after your lungs by practicing good health habits and staying away from harmful substances and smoking habits.

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